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Bitautas – Sternshein

Bitautas – Sternshein

Bitautas – Sternshein

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Congratulations to Julie Bitautas and Larry Sternshein!

Wedding Details:

Where: Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

When: March 28th, 2015

Welcome to one and all! If you are looking at this page, you obviously know we are getting married. Thanks for spending the time to check out our wedding page. Anyone and everyone is invited to come. So bring your best friend, an aunt, a neighbor, or even your local produce guy- all are welcome! There is one exception to that rule. It is our intention for everyone to have as much fun as possible. With that in mind, no debbie downers are allowed. Let’s make the most of this fun event.

For those of you who don’t know us that well, we won’t torture you with too many details. Larry is a human being who likes to watch professional wrestling, read about everything and anything, and enjoys the cinematic experience. He is currently a manager at a book store where he gets to work with one of his favorite mediums, books! Julie is a colorful, sarcastic lady who loves to play video games, play with her pups, and collect animals in jars. She currently works as a Certified Veterinary Technician at an animal emergency where she uses her love of animals to passionately save lives.

As for our relationship, we met at a bar. Larry fell in love for the first time when he saw Julie in a Mayor McCheese costume. Julie fell in love about a year later. We bought a house together in July 2013. Larry proposed in August 2013 in front of friends, family, coworkers, and a bouncy castle. Now, we are getting hitched.

Our wedding is taking place at the Dreams Las Mareas all-inclusive resort in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Our ceremony is being held at sunset on the beach on Saturday, March 28th, 2015. The resort is brand new and it looks pretty freaking amazing. For those of you who have never been to an all-inclusive resort, you are in for a real treat. All you can eat food and drink is included. You want to have steak and shrimp for dinner every day you are there… do it. Have 3 dinners. We won’t judge. Oh and there is more…It is not just food and drinks included. There is snorkeling and activities and all sorts of stuff. In addition, we have set aside a block of rooms just for you to ensure that you receive the best rates possible. The prices include transportation to and from the resort. Look at the bottom of the page for more pricing info and contact info for VIP representatives. They are super helpful and will answer any of your questions.

Please come. You know you want to. You will totally feel bummed if you miss it.

Our wedding is being held on a beach. That being said, everything is super casual. Clothes are required per the hotel but how much and what they look like is entirely up to you. Neither of us are wearing shoes unless the sand is too hot to walk on.

Flying to Costa Rica and hanging out at a really cool all-inclusive resort with fabulous friends might not be your thing. That’s ok. No big deal. For those of you who can’t come to the wedding, you’ll still be included on some fun. We will be holding a reception back at home in the Chicagoland area. There is nothing set in stone as of right now but it will most likely include whirly ball and karaoke. It will be epic. When we get more details, you will be the first to know.

Check back here regularly for updates and new information!

We are so pumped to be moving onto a new phase in our lives. We are even more pumped to have you be a part of it. Thanks in advance for everything and anything you do to help us in our journey to greatness. Hope to see you in Costa Rica with a drink in your hand.  We love you!!! Smoooooches!!!



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  1. From: MONICA!!!

    On behalf of my sisters and I, we hope we can come!!!!!!!!!!!! B)