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Diaz – Shiner

Diaz – Shiner

Diaz – Shiner

Sandals South Coast in Jamaica

Congratulations to Eva Diaz and Doug Shiner!

Wedding Details:

Where: Sandals South Coast in Jamaica

When: September 27th, 2014

Bride and Groom Testimonial:

Hi Jennifer!!!

First I would just like to say THANK YOU! The entire VIP team made it possible for us to have the wedding of our dreams! You were wonderful from day one! We could not have asked for a better team to work with and are so happy we met you! VIP will always be our go to agents for any and every one of our future trips!

The resort was absolutely beautiful! Pictures did not do it justice! The staff was kind and helpful and attentive always. We were upgraded to a beautiful one bedroom suite in the Dutch Village. The view was amazing. Everyone was scattered around the resort which was nice because we got to see all the different rooms and areas. Everything was clean and tidy always and our bar was always stocked! The food was delicious! The restaurants never had a wait. All of our guests were extremely pleased. The beaches were beautiful but a bit rocky. I would recommend water shoes to other guests! The wedding reception was beautiful! We managed to get the ceremony done between 2 rain storms which was perfect!  Our reception was moved inside because of the rain but I am actually really happy it was! The room was well air conditioned so I think the guests were more comfortable! The meals for the welcome dinner and wedding were amazing! The DJ was one of the best DJ’s I have ever heard! He had the entire wedding dancing from start to finish! There was not one guest that did not dance! it was amazing! The bar tenders were great! Everything was just so beautiful! The catamaran was a ton of fun the following day! We ended up changing the time to an earlier departure due to the afternoon storms that were taking place and surprisingly almost everyone made it!  We ended up asking the wedding photographer to join us so we also have a ton of pictures from that! The days following the wedding were relaxing and enjoyable. Everyone was sad to leave and we are all still in the after vacation slump :( lol. Overall this was one of the best vacations we have ever been on and it was the most amazing wedding I could have ever asked for. Doug and I cannot thank you enough for helping us get this together!

The sandals lounge was great too!

The wedding planners were great! We worked closely with Monique and she made sure everything was absolutely perfect.She had everything we planned and discussed in order and helped me knock out all the last little details! The only suggestion I would have is that they schedule your appointment earlier in the morning. We were not given the option for a time it was scheduled and told to us when we arrived.

VIP Exceeded our expectations. Everyone was extremely helpful from day one! Always willing to help with any questions we had and anything our guests had. We have raved about you to everyone we know and everyone we met along the way! You are our agents for life!

Besides you I work pretty closely with Lauren and Ryan and they were both such a delight to work with. They responded quickly to any request we had and were always eager to help when we needed it. You of course were absolutely wonderful from start to finish!

VIP has a 200% in our book. We have no complaints and any suggestions for improvement. You were all wonderful to work with and a wonderful part of our wedding memories!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being awesome and putting together what the resort said was the best wedding they have ever had!

Testimonial from a wedding guest:

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I would recommend Sandals South Coast to others. Everything was very clean and the staff was very pleasant and helpful. Our rooms were clean as well as many various areas around the resort. A lot of the staff was up around 5:30-6 o’clock sweeping sand round the pool areas and hallways, stocking the pools with clean dry towels and restaurants were up and running full breakfast by 7-7:30. Loved the beachfront view from all the rooms. We enjoyed a catamaran ride on the Caribbean and snorkeling as well as paddle boarding and kayaking. Even when it was raining we were still swimming in the pool and having drinks at the poolside bars. The wedding was beautiful! The rehearsal dinner and reception after the wedding were excellent the staff enjoyed our group as well!

As a guest, all my arrangements were handled well. Making our arrangements for the stay at the resort through VIP was easy.  The transportation from Montego Bay to the resort and back was appreciated! What a ride!!

– Kathy Cieslak – Bethlehem, PA

Wedding time: 3pm

Some of our Favorite things include:

*Spending time with our family and friends


* Food and Wine


*Our Puppy Phoebe <3

How we Met:

We have been together for 4 years now but have been friends since freshman year of high school. Here is a little story of how we met told by my youngest sister Jessenia:

“On her first day of high school, when she walked into class, she saw him and said “Hi, my name is Eva, and we’re going to get married.” She basically stalked him throughout high school in a completely obvious way…(sitting on the floor next to his desk and holding his hand, stealing his keys, ID, and cell phone.) And she did this regardless if he had a girlfriend or not…But I think it just amazes me because she knew at such a young age and he(Doug) didn’t. He probably thought she was a crazy little Spanish girl who liked to steal his stuff and make his life hard lol. Anyways they really do bring out the best in each other and their differences help that out. She’s a little crazy and loud sometimes, but he’s calm and just really chill and relaxed about it.”

A little spin to love at “first site” lol. We complete each other and make one another the best person we can be.

Wedding Attire:

“Beach Chic” – sundresses, skirts, light pants, slacks, polos, long or short sleeved button downs. As for shoes, anything goes (flip flops, sandals, boat shoes, loafers, etc.). Feel free to bring your sunglasses.



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  1. From: Katarzyna Lapinska

    Hi my name is Katrina and I want to reserve a room for the diaz-shiner wedding! Can you email me so i can register and get a booking number 🙂 TY!