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Jumper – Linton

Jumper – Linton

Jumper – Linton

Sandals South Coast in Jamaica

Congratulations to Trudy Jumper and Stephen Linton!

Wedding Details:

Where: Sandals South Coast in Jamaica

When: August 12th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site! We are really excited about our upcoming wedding and are enjoying every moment of the process! To make everything as easy as possible, we wanted to give you all a little bit of information about our special day and the days surrounding it, so that you can plan ahead.  First thing, our wedding is on Friday, August 12th.  We are having our wedding on the beach, so please wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in on the sand.   Aside from the wedding itself, we are having a rehearsal dinner (Which is open to everyone!! Not just the wedding party) on Thursday, August 11th and a cruise/snorkeling on August 13th, the day after the wedding.  Sandals South Coast has a 3 night minimum, so we ask that you at least are there for the 11th-13th.  Please only book reservations through this site, as our wedding planner has set up special rates & we have a group code that is unique to our wedding party.  Airfare can be booked whenever you want.  We cannot wait to celebrate with all of you in JAMAICA!!!!

To make sure you are included in all our wedding events, you must reserve your room with VIP Vacations. Please contact our VIP Agent Michael at to make your reservation.