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Mason – Payne

Mason – Payne

Mason – Payne

Azul Sensatori in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Congratulations Shawna Mason and Keith Payne!

Wedding Details:


Azul Sensatori in the Riviera Maya, Mexico


March 14th, 2014

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Everything was amazing! Thank you for everything.

From the moment I spoke with Jennifer, she made me extremely comfortable and alleviated much of the stress I had incurred due to the inadequacies of my prior wedding planner. VIP Vacations more than exceeded my expectations! Ryan kept me up-to-date on the progress of my wedding planning and he kept my wedding party organized and on schedule with their room payments. Ryan was absolutely awesome! Ryan answered all of my questions, and he did so timely and sufficiently. I would definitely chose Ryan to work with again in the future. Keith and I did not know what to expect when we jumped on the plane to head to Mexico. When we arrived in Mexico, we had private transportation waiting for us and they were holding signs with our names on them. This was the perfect beginning to a wonderful week and it strengthened our trust in VIP Vacations even more. Even when we arrived at the resort, we did not have any issues with our rooms or reservations. I owe this ease to VIP Vacations!

About the Couple, from the Bride! 

So, for all of you who don’t know the story of Keith and Shawna, well I’m going to tell you in a nut shell.  It was a Friday night and I was enjoying the evening out with my cousin. All of a sudden, this guy approached me and asked “does my breath stink…?”…. Any guy that was bold enough to approach me and ask if his breath smelled definitely deserved my attention. That guy, as you all may know by now, was Keith. You would think that as nice as I was looking that night, he would at least try to get my information. Nope, he just wanted to make sure his breath didn’t smell.

Anyways, later on that evening I see the Keith again, but this time he was standing next to my cousin.  It just so happened that Keith and my cousin had a mutual friend. So, Keith and I began to converse. We exchanged information at the moment, and believe it or not, I called him… the next day… and asked him out to dinner. Hahahaha! Our first date was at the Cheesecake Factory and it was a double date.

Now, three years, one daughter and a house later, we are standing here asking all of those closest to us to join in our lifelong commitment to one another. 

Our Wedding 

It has always been my dream to get married on the beach, barefoot, with the sun and water calming the atmosphere; in a place that could give me the feel of serenity and paradise. With Keith and I having such similar pleasures, it is no surprise that we chose to make our ceremony a beach wedding, in a destination where our closest family and friends can vacation at the same time.

The ceremony is going to be very casual; we are hoping for everyone to wear a lot of White and take advantage of the sun and beach in Mexico. It is only a matter of time until I take those first steps down the sandy aisle in my wedding dress to become Mrs. Keith Payne Jr.! This will be an event to remember and we cannot wait to share it with all of you!

Wedding Attire

We are asking guests to wear all White attire to the wedding ceremony

A Few Things to Keep in Mind 

You need a certified copy (government issued with a raised seal) of your birth certificate to mail with the application, which you will get back. U.S.

If you wish to apply for a child’s passport, both parents need to be present.

A Special Message from Us 

Keith and I would like to thank all of our dearest family and friends for simply being here for us. You all have done so much and have made such a remarkable positive difference in our lives. We cherish the friendship and love you gave us, and continue to give to us. Thank you for visiting our wedding website and registry. You all have blessed our lives and we can’t wait to share our special day with you!

Honeyfund Registry Information and Links

More than just kisses so far we’ve shared, Our home has been made with Love and Care, Most things we need we’ve already got, And in our home we can’t fit a lot! A wishing well we thought would be great, (But only if you wish to participate), A gift of money is placed in the well, Then make a wish …. but shhh don’t tell! Once we’ve replaced the old with the new, We can look back and say it was thanks to you! Thank you!

For more information about the wishing well, please visit



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