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Miclut – Campbell

Miclut – Campbell

Miclut – Campbell

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Congratulations to Alexandra Miclut and Ross Campbell!

Wedding Details:


Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica


February 7th, 2015

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7 Comments to "Miclut – Campbell "

  1. From: Kendra Greeney

    Alex and Ross,

    Congrats oh your big day! We are so happy for you two and glad to be part of our ever-growing family! Remember you’re always welcome in Colorado, should you need a “second” honeymoon! Have a wonderful wedding day and trip in Costa Rica!

  2. From: Kent Sanders

    Hey Alex and Ross. Have a great time and wedding in Costa Rica. Such a beautiful couple, I hope you will spend every day finding new opportunities for JOY together!!!

  3. From: Sherry Sanders

    Ross & Alex – You are a perfectly matched couple in every way. We Sanders are so lucky to have you as part of our extended family. We will love and support you on your marriage journey. Can’t wait to see you all aglow in Costa Rica!
    Hugs and much happiness – Sherry, on behalf of Kent and the “fan-ly”

  4. From: Patrice Campbell

    We are very excited for you both, Can’t wait for the BIG day. Much love Dad and Mom

  5. From: Sheila Radu

    Congratulations, love vlad & sheila

  6. From: Andreea Miclut

    We love you!

  7. From: Anastasia Miclut

    Congratulations, love you!


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