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Nobles – Thorne

Nobles – Thorne

Nobles – Thorne

Secrets the Vine

Congratulations to Tiffani Nobles and Trevor Thorne!

Wedding Details:


Secrets the Vine


December 15th, 2014

To view more information on reserving your room for our destination wedding, click "Travel Arrangements"

Hello family & friends,

Welcome to our wedding website! We’re excited to announce we have decided to have our wedding at Secrets, The Vine in Cancun, Mexico on December 15th, 2014.  And yes, this is a Monday, but everyday feels like a weekend in the Caribbean 🙂 We decided to go with the 15th because this is a significant number for us:

Our first date- February 15th, 2007

“Officially” became a couple- March 9th, 2007

Our engagement- February 15th, 2013

So we decided to continue with this significant number and have it in December because it will be a beautiful time frame in the Caribbean and a nice winter getaway for everyone!

We have tried to give ample time to allow for proper saving and budgeting.  We completely understand if you are unable to make it, but we would love for you to be apart of this very special and memorable occasion.

Things to keep in mind:

We have made a contract with the resort and blocked out rooms at a special rate.

Please pay your $150 deposit/person by April 1st, 2014. We also recommend booking your airfare as soon as possible, flights open up February 2014

Each traveler is required to have a US-issued passport. Be sure to check the expiration date if you already have one. If you need to renew or attain a new passport, please visit:

Please note some of the restaurants have restrictions on what you may wear:

“Casual Elegance. Sneakers, tennis shoes or dress sandals (no flip-flops). Dress shirts with sleeves. Long pants required for men. No sleeveless shirts for men”

Please keep checking back occasionally, when it gets closer to our wedding date, we will update any important information that needs to be relayed to you all.

For more information on this luxurious resort, please visit



13 Comments to "Nobles – Thorne "

  1. From: Melissa Freitag

    I cannot wait to spend this special day with you two! It seems like just yesterday I was helping Tiff carry her belongings up to our apartment for our freshman year of college, playing drinking games [with juice of course ;)] with Trev for the first time and realizing how special the two of you were together, and watching the two of you bump heads and say “Duuuuude” (which has to be the most adorable thing ever) in your Finding Nemo voices! The relationship you two share has instilled a unique faith in me of true love and commitment. I feel honored to be a part of this commencement and excited to spend another fun weekend with you two; it has been too long!

    • From: Tiffani

      Melissa, you are so sweet! Your comment made me smile and bring back great memories. So excited to see you and so glad you’ll be sharing more memories with us!!
      xoxo, Trevor & Tiffani

  2. From: Andrea Thorne

    From: Mom Andrea Thorne
    I can’t wait to spend a wonderful Day with family and friends on your wedding Day

  3. From: Aunt Audrey & Uncle Daren

    We are looking forward to this wonderful day! We can’t wait for sharing this blessed day with you! Love you both!

  4. From: Mia

    I am so excited! I can’t wait to see you two get married. You are such a beautiful couple with so much love for each other! I love you both! <3

    • From: Trevor Thorne

      Your seriously the best! We love you so much and are so lucky to have such great friends/family as we do in you two! Love you so much and cant wait to see you!!!!!

  5. From: Deb

    Can’t wait! You’re going to make a beautiful bride & handsome groom! Love you!

  6. From: Simmone Kosensky

    Looking forward to this great day!!!

  7. From: Tom Kosensky

    Can’t wait cuz!!!

    • From: Trevor Thorne

      I know man I am so excited for yall to be there!!!!!


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