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Russo – Wood

Russo – Wood

Russo – Wood

Grand Palladium Resort and Spa, Jamaica

Congratulations to Stephanie Russo & Alastair Wood!

Wedding Details:


Grand Palladium Resort and Spa, Jamaica


April 10th, 2013

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Stephanie Bio

Stephanie was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with her younger brother Dillon, and is the daughter to Lynne and Rob Russo. From an early age it was clear that she would be the dreaded “teacher” of the family. She attended university at Laurier Brantford where she gained her undergraduate and teaching qualifications. After realising that she wanted to see more of the world (much like her Uncle Rick) she hopped on a plane to teach for, what was supposed to be, a year abroad in London. It was here that she made many new friends through baseball and teaching, and of course Ali. So, her year-long trip to London has led her to a wedding in Jamaica. YAY!

Alastair Bio

Alastair was born in London, England and raised in Cheltenham, with his younger brother Oliver, and is a son to Loan and John Wood. After graduating from Warwick University with a Math degree, he moved into investment banking – just as the credit crisis hit (it wasn’t his fault!). After meeting Steph, he was taught about the great things, and people(!), that Canada has to offer – even learning the rules to baseball! In return, he showed Steph how great Brass Bands are, as well as how brilliant life in England is. So much so, that she wanted to stay! After some trips to Canada, and a surprise romantic proposal, they’re having a beautiful wedding in Jamaica.

How Steph and Ali Met

We blame Anna.

Additional Information:

This resort is all-inclusive (including alcohol)
Accommodation is booked through VIP Vacations Inc.
Flights are booked independently (but VIP can help)
Steph and Ali are planning on travelling to Jamaica on Saturday 6th April and leaving on Saturday 13th April (specific times to follow)
More information about planned events will follow


Hi Lauren!

The wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was everything I had asked for and had ever wanted, gorgeous! The backdrop was stunning! At the reception the food, the venue the setting was amazing I honestly was blown away by it all and so were my guests!

The staff were very relaxed at times, which was slightly worrying lolĀ  but they were also extremely effective, when the time came it was all done and it was all perfect!

The hotel was amazing! The food was fantastic, the pool was awesome and the beach was so close and so nice! The staff at the hotel were also amazing.

All of them are extremely helpful, friendly and kind.

I cannot thank you guys at VIP enough, you truly made our wedding perfect!

Thank you all so much! It was an amazing wedding, amazing week and I cannot wait to go back!! Thank you for all your hard work and putting me in contact with all the right people it did truly make the PERFECT wedding!!!



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