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Suby – Edmondson

Suby – Edmondson

Suby – Edmondson

Dreams Cancun

Congratulations to Sara Suby and Matthew Edmondson!

Wedding Details:


Dreams Cancun


November 9th, 2013

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Wedding Testimonial:

VIP Vacations Team,

Thank you for making our wedding trip so completely amazing. A special thanks to Ryan and Jennifer for being so attentive to us during our planning! We will be sending many clients your way!

Love, Matt, Sara, and Seven.

Wedding Guest Testimonial:

– The trip to Mexico was just awesome. The resort was so nice. I don’t think they could have chosen a better one for everyone. The wedding was beautiful! Thank you for everything. Happy Holidays to you! – Dan and Carol Edmondson

– The trip was fantastic! Loved the resort and the resort staff! Wedding was great! Thanks! – Rory Suby

– Cancun was wonderful.  The travel went very smoothly with little to no potholes or speedbumps in our path. The resort was a wonderful resort for families. Good service, clean, and comfortable. It was perfect for a group together.  Room for a quiet private meal or gathering for a rowdy game of volleyball in the pool. The wedding was incredible, beautiful and in my opinion well organized with the bride and groom supported in their needs.  I have been many places in the world, but for some reason this was the most stress free, problem free, relaxed and enjoyable week I have ever had.  Thank you for your coordination and quality of communication. Service from you/your organization was excellent.  We do some traveling and we absolutely discussed utilizing your services in the future. Thank you for your quality customer service. – Cheryl

– We had a great time at the resort and the wedding was beautiful.  We had been to cancun several years ago and said we would never go back.  After this trip I think we would go back again.  The resort really made the difference.  They were very accommodating and plenty of things to do or just relax.  Loved the swim with dolphins.  Thank you for all your help Lauren in making arrangements and we will keep you in mind for our other travels. – Linda Whittlesey




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