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Voight – Thorning

Voight – Thorning

Voight – Thorning

Sandals South Coast in Jamaica

Congratulations to Catherine Voight and Jonathan Thorning!

Wedding Details:


Sandals South Coast in Jamaica


October 30th, 2015

To view more information on reserving your room for our destination wedding, click "Travel Arrangements"

Hey y’all!

Here is a little information to help plan your trip:

-Jon and I will be in South Coast Monday, October 26 through Sunday, November 1.
-Thursday: Celebration Dinner & everyone is invited!
-FRIDAY: Wedding is at 4:00
-Saturday: HALLOWEEN & a free day to do whatever you want.
-Hope everyone can come! We love y’all!

-Love, Catherine & Jon



3 Comments to "Voight – Thorning "

  1. From: Melanie Rabenhorst

    Thank you for the invitation and I know it will be beautiful. All of my siblings live out of state or town and I am the only one here to care for my 83 year old mother who cannot hear or drive. I have your gifts and will get them to you. ): blessings on your wedding day.

  2. From: Moon Dog

    Can’t wait for Jamaica-mon! We going to be jammin’! No stresspassing!

  3. From: Palmer

    Readddddy! Pumpkin is pumped!


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