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Wilcox – Aguirre

Wilcox – Aguirre

Wilcox – Aguirre

Azul Beach Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Congratulations to Megan Wilcox and Sergio Aguirre

Wedding Details:

Where: Azul Beach Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico

When: May 24th, 2014

For more information visit and use code 19899.

Wedding Testimonial:

Married life is Fantastic!!! We are forever grateful for EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR US!!!! The wedding week was FLAWLESS !!!!!! Resort / Staff / wedding coordinators / vendors + Diego Munoz photographer was such an experience when he took us to Tulum Beach and Cenotes! Best week of our lives! Honestly, there was not one thing we would have done differently !!! Endless thanks to you, Ryan, and everyone at VIP! we also LOVE our thoughtful love / beach frame!!! I wish I could live that week on repeat!! most peaceful + the most present I’ve ever felt in my life !!!