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Fun Extras you can Blend into your Destination Wedding!

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Fun Extras you can Blend into your Destination Wedding!

October 10, 2011

I will admit that one of best parts of planning my destination wedding was looking at photos of other weddings and finding some really neat ways to incorporate the “island” theme.  Maybe that is why I ended up bringing 5 suitcases full of extra items for the wedding.  I took notes, copied pictures and became completely fixated with all the very clever ways to arrange “name cards” for beach receptions.  There were so many options to choose from.  In the end, I went with these lovely shells that had a spot drilled where a name card could fit, and then we had sand and other shells all over the table with some candles to add light.   Since VIP does 70+ weddings a year, I have had many of our clients email me their photo of how they displayed their name cards.  From sand dollars with names written directly on them, to messages in a bottle, and my favorite, the small piñata with names hanging around the neck, I am still amazed at all the new ideas!

Another really neat trend is how many of VIP’s wedding couples who marry in Mexico add maracas to every table.  Guests shake them and the bride/groom kiss, which is an adorable take off of  the traditional spoon to glass clinking.   I also have known other couples who wed in Mexico to forgo the champagne toast and do a Tequila shot instead.

Lately, many of our couples have used imaginative photos for their thank you cards.  One couple stood in a heart etched in the sand  where “Thank You” was also spelled out in the sand in front of them.  Another couple had Thank You painted on a Parasol and many have held up signs saying “thank you”.   Looking through photos of other weddings is a fabulous way to see creative ideas that you can use for your own amazing day.  VIP has many ‘photo books’ we can share with you.  Just send me an email and I can send you a link!

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