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VIP Vacations Inc.


Kellen Collina, CTA and Family Travel Agent

I live my life by the motto “The Extra Mile is never crowded”.  I have dedicated my professional and personal life to always going above and beyond peoples’ expectations.  When I was offered the opportunity to work with VIP Vacations, I could not help but think that this was a match made in paradise.  Their unique and mold-breaking take on the travel industry was nothing short of intriguing and a breath of fresh air.  With a background in customer service and hospitality, as well as a love for adventure and exhilarating experiences, I am confident in my ability to provide superior customer service to our VIP guests.

I have a passion for experiencing the stunning locations that the world has to offer.  I believe that life should be less about “things” and more about “experiences”.  This is something that I try to instill in my 2 children.  Having a family of 4 myself, I am conscientious about family friendly activities.  But, let’s be honest, having a family of 4, there are times I would like less family friendly accommodations.

I am excited to bring my passion for exemplary customer service and adventure to VIP Vacations.

Internationally Recognized Certification for Autism Professionals

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) offers certification programs to travel professionals who help families and individuals with special needs prepare for their perfect vacation. A Certified Autism Travel Professional™ (CATP) is defined as a professional who has demonstrated that they are both knowledgeable and capable of providing support and travel related services to an individual on the autism spectrum as well as their family.


In 2001, IBCCES identified a need for standardization within healthcare, education, and corporate environments to meet the growing needs of those with cognitive disorders. We assembled a board of thought leaders and experts in these fields to address the growing international need and create a series of certification programs in autism, ADHD,

sensorydisorders, dementia, mental health, dyslexia,

and other cognitive disorders and special needs.

IBCCES adheres to international standards for boards that grant professional credentials. The IBCCES certification procedures and content undergo various reviews and validation, pursuant to the professions that are eligible for certification, as well as standards established by content experts in the field.


Want to know more about what resorts are IBCCES certified, email Kellen at