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Jennifer Graf VIP Vacations

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River Cruises - Disney Pro

Favorite Location:

Cinderella’s Castle

Favorite Drink:


Favorite Song:

Pinocchio - When You Wish Upon A Star

I believe that every child will remember their first glimpse of Cinderella Castle…

or their first ride on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I believe that travel brings out the adventurer in everyone…

and renews each person’s heart with an eternal sense of wonder.

From Disney to Europe, I want to help others recapture the sensation of dreams and wonder that only travel to special places can produce!

Jennifer's Full Bio

Throughout my whole life, I’ve found certain things to bring me more joy than anything else: music and travel!

It all goes back to my very first Disney trip as a little girl. I still remember so vividly the way I felt when I was standing next to Cinderella Castle, watching the fireworks, and hearing “When You Wish Upon a Star” playing through the air. The magic of the moment truly made me believe that dreams could come true. From that moment on, I was hooked on Disney! I was so fortunate to be able to continue the tradition of annual trips my whole life!

My first glimpse of the far off places in the world were first experienced in Disney: I marveled at all the countries in Epcot’s World Showcase and wondered if I’d ever get to see any of them in real life. Fortunately, those wishes came true, and I’ve explored so many of the countries that Europe has to offer.

Thirty full years of regular Disney trips are now under my belt, and I know the parks like the back of my hand. I know the ins and outs of the dining plans, how to make the best of FastPass Plus, and all the special secrets only a Disney regular can know.

Also, several years of living in Europe have turned me in to an expert of the highest level. Traveling and working for the river cruises in Europe have also given me extraordinary insight not found with any other travel agent. I’ve been to the cities, sailed the rivers, seen the amazing sites, and can tell you the best places to get a meal!

My goal as an agent is to help everyone capture the magic, wonder, and excitement of travel, be it close to home or far away. Call or email me so we can start planning your special trip!

Jennifer's Certifications



Hi Jen,

Our trip was truly magical - This was my first visit back in a very long time and it was the first time for my husband and children. Your dedication to making our trip memorable was amazing. Specifically how you were able to accommodate all of our requests and ensure we received the latest and greatest discounts. I am attaching a few pictures and as you can see we were just as excited to be there as the children.

I look forward to booking our next Disney vacation with VIP in the very near future !!

Warm Regards,

Stephanie Owens - Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer was extremely easy to work with as well as easily accessible. She responded to my many questions quickly and with an impressive array of knowledge. She provided “inside” information on the best places to eat and drink, and provided information on what to do at Disney from an adult perspective as well. Disney is not just for kids! . It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer and most of all, as mentioned numerous times – easy!
-Elaine Mitchell, Center Valley, PA