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Kellen Collina, CTA and Family Travel Agent

Team VIP


Travel Stylist

Favorite Location:

Walt Disney World- Tower of Terror

Favorite Drink:

The Redhead

Favorite Song:

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

We are so excited to announce that VIP agent Kellen Collina is now an IBCCES Certified Autism Travel Professional (CATP)! Families with children on the autism spectrum often find it challenging to plan a vacation due to many reasons, such as sensory and dietary needs and safety concerns. As a CATP, Kellen will be able to customize vacations to meet each family’s needs!

Kellen Collina

Kellen's Full Bio

I live my life by the motto “The Extra Mile is never crowded”.  I have dedicated my professional and personal life to always going above and beyond peoples’ expectations.  When I was offered the opportunity to work with VIP Vacations, I could not help but think that this was a match made in paradise.  Their unique and mold-breaking take on the travel industry was nothing short of intriguing and a breath of fresh air.  With a background in customer service and hospitality, as well as a love for adventure and exhilarating experiences, I am confident in my ability to provide superior customer service to our VIP guests.

I have a passion for experiencing the stunning locations that the world has to offer.  I believe that life should be less about “things” and more about “experiences”.  This is something that I try to instill in my 2 children.  Having a family of 4 myself, I am conscientious about family friendly activities.  But, let’s be honest, having a family of 4, there are times I would like less family friendly accommodations.

I am excited to bring my passion for exemplary customer service and adventure to VIP Vacations.

Kellen's Certifications



Rommels Testimonial

Hi Kellen!

It was amazing. We are going back next year for 8 days! My kids each seemed to be on their own vacation and so Eric and I were soooo relaxed. The resort is perfect, immense and immaculate and that water!!!! What is your address? I bought you a prize at the flea market that they had. :)

  • The Rommel Family Vacation to Beaches Turks & Caicos

Hard Rock Punta Cana Stefanyak

Hey Kellen,

Thanks so much! Our wedding and honeymoon were absolutely perfect!! We cannot even begin to put into words how happy we were with everything. The staff at VIP was amazing, our coordinator onsite at the Hard Rock was amazing, and everyone who helped make our special day so magical was nothing short of amazing.

I can honestly say I was actually blown away with how great of a job the resort did with the wedding. I had some fears due to the fact that I was essentially trusting strangers with everything for my wedding day, but I can honestly say I wouldn't have had it any other way. The coordinator onsite was Gabriella and she went above and beyond. The flowers, the rehearsal, the setup, the decorations... it was all more than what we could have hoped for. I can honestly say that I would 100% recommend this resort to anyone to either vacation, or have a wedding. We ran into other couples down there who were getting married and also saw other weddings going on while we were there. All of them looked fabulous. Our bartenders for the wedding and our welcome party were amazing and I can honestly say that the food was the best food I have had at a resort.

The entire property was just breathtaking. There is so much to do at the Hard Rock and so many options for food and swimming. The beach was beautiful and the spa was out of this world. This was definitely one of the better resorts I have been to and I would recommend it to anyone who is planning on visiting the Dominican Republic.

VIP has been amazing. I probably wasn't the easiest to work with because I am a planner myself so I have a million questions about everything. Ryan and Jenn never made me feel like I was being a pest. My questions were always welcomed and everyone was always willing to help. I have already been recommending VIP to friends and family and spread the word that we used you all for our vacation. I hope I help bring business your way because you have all been a pleasure to work with. You helped ease my worries and stressors about our big day and honestly just let me focus on the things I needed to worry about. I can never thank you all enough for that!

We are planning on visiting one of the other Hard Rock resorts next year for our one year anniversary. So, hopefully we can work with you guys for that!

Here are a few pictures that we had ourselves and one sneak peek from our pictures there.

Thank you all so much for helping to make our day so perfect!




Disney 2017 Sawyer Family at Hollywood Studios with Preston looking up at us

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again!  We had zero issues with our flights and found everything about Disney (Magical Express, wristbands to pay for everything, etc.) to be so "user-friendly" and easy!  We had a wonderful family vacation!  I really appreciate you and Jen helping to ensure we had a great trip!  I've added a trip so you can see how happy my son was during our trip~pure bliss!

Thanks again!