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Honeymoon in Thailand

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Honeymoon in Thailand

Christine and Bradley Bowen - Coplay, PA

"Thank you for making it a smooth trip!"

Hey Emily!

Everything with the honeymoon was great! Very exotic and a bit of a culture shock. Didn’t enjoy eating outside (which is basically every restaurant) due to the flies, but we did have dinner one night on the beach and that was beautiful. The excursions we booked through the hotels were amazing and very well organized. You can definitely tell that tourism is their main focus and money-maker. Our hotel rooms were definitely 5 star and so was the service, they would have done whatever we asked of them without hesitation. We basically ate in our room a lot and the room service was excellent and they didn’t even charge us extra! Everything is also very reasonable priced… we had many massage/spa treatments since they were like 1/4 the price of them here! The language was a bit of a barrier, but they know enough to know what you are asking of them. We conversed with other honeymooners there. ┬áThe power went out a lot in Phuket, but they would give us wine or other treats to apologize for the inconvenience.

The plane rides were long, obviously… especially going there felt like it took forever because we were excited, but coming home wasn’t bad. Felt like it went much faster. They feed you well and they have TV screens that you can watch new movies and TV series on.. and luckily Brad and I can sit for hours and watch TV together, so it was kinda like doing that for a whole weekend together on the plane rides.

It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and we would go back again, just not right away since there are many other places we would want to go.

We did a ton of stuff.. rode elephants, saw monkey and elephant show, held monkeys, fed baby tiger, went on a safari-ish ride, many boat trip excursions, canoeing, cave exploring, snorkeled, went shopping in town, took a cooking class, etc..

We had no issues with any of our reservations or transfers so thank you for making it a smooth trip!