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Indian Destination Wedding at Azul Fives

Destination Wedding Reviews

Indian Destination Wedding at Azul Fives

Manasi Sinha and Rohin Jaiman - Boston, MA

"I cannot begin to tell you how amazing our wedding was."

Hello Jennifer, Ryan, and Lauren!

I want to start by saying a huge THANK YOU!! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing our wedding was. I am sure you hear this all the time but it truly was a dream wedding for us. We had 3 amazing days of events in the most perfect location we could have imagined. So many amazing things to share:

  1. Upgrade to the penthouse the first day we got there made the difference for us- we were able to hold several of the smaller ceremonies on the terrace
  2. Henna artist you found was perfect and did the mendhi I really wanted for the wedding
  3. Bonfire the first night was such a great welcome party for all
  4. Sangeet night: bollywood style dancing in the garden and pool area ended up being the BEST location. All our decor worked out!!
  5. Wedding ceremony location: I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have had it in the new location that had opened literally 1 week before we got there. We were the first to have had our wedding there! It was private and beautiful.
  6. Cocktail hour: Initially we didn’t know this location was a possibility but if you are going to have a reception at the Sky Terrace, than the Zky Bar is perfect.
  7. Reception: Just truly beautiful. Everyone had a blast and loved the view!

I cannot believe with the budget we worked with, how much we were able to get and how beautiful our wedding week was. You guys did a phenomenal job securing this place for us, getting everyone there (!), and helping with all the issues along the way. I think it is so important for future brides to know that with your help, a dream wedding, regardless of a budget is possible! I’m not sure if this will help but some advice for future brides:

– If you’re going to take decorations, plan ahead and make sure you know the space. Regardless of the setup fee, you can save a lot by doing this and this resort in particular really knows what they are doing and will work with you to make it just right.

– Indian weddings are tough but in Playa, we had a henna artist who lives there, a horse in indian attire, option of indian food, a Hindu priest who recently moved there- all of these weren’t too expensive compared to what you would pay to fly and lodge someone down there

– indian music: we supplied our own playlist but the DJ knew what he was doing and played some of his own music in between and transitioned between songs well

Overall this was just an amazing place. Thank you for recommending this resort. Staff were completely friendly and took care of everything we and our guests needed.

The planners at the resort- Maribel and Angelica- were the BEST to work with! Just a great team.

Everyone is still saying this is one of the best weddings they have been to! Music to my ears!! When we look back at this week, we will always remember the most perfect start to our marriage was in Playa del Carmen at the beautiful resort, Azul Fives, with the help of the fabulous Vacations by VIP team.

Thank you so much for everything. As if that wasn’t enough, you sent us such a thoughtful gift! Love the frame and will always look back fondly at the photo we place in there.

Thank you so much!!! We will be contacting you soon for our honeymoon plans!!