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Secrets Destination Wedding

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Secrets Destination Wedding

Cynthia Nunez -

"Secrets the Vine was a great all-inclusive resort to stay...!"

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for reaching out!

Secrets the Vine was a great all-inclusive resort to stay as a guest and I would recommend it to friends and family – the staff were always extremely friendly and helpful. With that said, I’m not sure I would recommend it for having a wedding. While going through the planning process, it was very difficult to get a hold of the resort so communicating with them was extremely slow. When we were actually able to communicate, I felt like I was repeating myself multiple times on things that had been previously discussed or reiterating details that were missed/overlooked.

All in all, the wedding was satisfactory but there were things that could’ve made it better. A lot of it had to do with lack of attention to detail and things being done last minute or not done to what had been originally discussed. We’re not sure if our issues had to do with the fact that we had a larger wedding party than what they’re used to, or if this was a unique instance. I’m also not sure if hiring an external wedding coordinator would have helped with some of our issues, or if things would’ve been the same. I won’t go into all the details of what we were unsatisfied with, but I would be happy to if you’d like to hear more.

On the bright side, VIP Vacations was fantastic to work with from beginning to end, no matter who we were communicating with, and I’ve also only heard positive things from our guests. They all found you extremely helpful in the booking process and appreciated all the extra information that was provided for traveling to Mexico (including those going for their first time). I would definitely recommend you and would be happy to work with you again for all of our travel needs.

The reason we chose Secrets The Vine originally was due to all the great reviews we found online, but in hindsight, we wished we would’ve started the planning process with VIP Vacations first, instead of booking our resort first then reaching out to you guys. We did communicate with the wedding coordinator afterwards and discussed our issues so they gave us 2 free nights as consolation, which was fine, but that doesn’t make up for the not so positive impression they left on us for such an important day that only happens once.

Separately, we are still waiting on our wedding pictures, but will plan to send some once we get them.

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