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VIP Vacations Inc.

VIP’s Story

VIP’s Story

Once upon a time…

There was a world where strangers were kind and caring. Magnificent scenery abounded and sunsets were masterpieces of art in the skies every evening.


The poorest people would be generous and the weakest would give others strength to carry-on.


In this land, a young girl was raised learning to appreciate and value the memories made when exploring different cultures.  She grew up experiencing adventure and discovery.  Many who met her, felt she was wise beyond her years.  Wisdom, you see, can be learned by extraordinary living.

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When it became time for this young girl to step out into society and make something of her life, she felt it was her obligation to help others truly see the effects adventure, exploration and wandering can have on the soul.


Though she was still young, and with criticism abounding around her, she set out to create a magical place where she could guide those in search of beauty, history, art or Zen.


Even when outside forces seemed to virtually crush others who shared this same dream, the girl (now a lady) only seemed to grow stronger and more determined.


Word began to spread of how one of a kind journeys were planned with her expertise.  Many would venture to her and pass through her pathways paved in pink and leave with sparkling tickets to a dream destination and a treasure map with directions on how to find it.

One day, a handsome young man requested assistance from this lady.  He became enamored by her knowledge of cultures and instantly knew he wanted to see the places she had seen.  As if in a captivated trance, he somehow knew that he wanted to see these far off places with her.


She agreed to be his personal guide and began to realize that the best memories are those shared with the ones you love.  Committing to be his travel companion and also promising him that she will forever be his soul-mate; she suddenly became focused on not only helping others get whisked away to fantastical destinations but also in providing guidance to those seeking a romantic paradise where they could be forever bonded with the one they loved.


Her passion to assist couples in finding their happily ever after became contagious.








Word spread and her magical place grew bigger and bigger.








Two decades passed by quickly and, in time, she developed a team of other passionate memory makers, who also were fueled by the same core principles, and would work devotedly by her side.

Always striving to learn more and forever captivated by the sheer beauty of this bountiful world, she leads her team on a quest to guide others in capturing an amazing memory, only experienced through travel.


The Beginning…