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VIP Yoga Retreat 2015

VIP Yoga Retreat 2015

VIP Yoga Retreat 2015


“I had a great time at the resort. The MoDavis’ are two of my dearest friends and we have a great yoga group at their studio. That said, there would be no way we’d have a bad time anywhere with them. I’ve been to many yoga retreats around the world and I must say the Isla Mujeres Palace was one of my favorite venues. It was a pleasure taking Taylors classes. That man is full of energy and contagious! I would definitely go back.” – Laura Cambiotti – Bethlehem, PA

“Resort was great. Thinking of going back at some point. Yoga classes were outstanding.  And I agree such a wonderful group of people. I would definitely do it again. Thanks for everything ” Kate Daniel – Hellertown, PA

” The yoga retreat was awesome. I thought the hotel was the perfect blend of hospitality, beautiful amenities, very good food. Every member of the hotel staff was kind and helpful and I enjoyed practicing my fractured Spanish with them. It was also one of the cleanest hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in. I was pleasantly surprised by how well organized all the various pieces of the transportation puzzle came together….planes, taxis, ferry boat, more taxis. It could have been a logistical nightmare and I must confess I had visions of being stuck somewhere by myself, but no one missed a step…kudos to you and your staff.

The yoga classes were excellent. Kimberly and I added two days on to the Isla Mujeres event and it was nice to have that additional time… although we missed the rest of the group terribly! I would definitely consider another yoga retreat!” – Patricia Zelko – Coopersburg, PA