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12 Step Program For A Stress-Less Destination Wedding

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12 Step Program For A Stress-Less Destination Wedding

September 1, 2012

When I was planning my destination wedding and in the glow of being engaged, I purchased this lovely calendar kit that came with pockets, folders and timely reminders of things that I needed to do. I loved having something that would keep me organized and provide me with a “timeline” of when and what I should be doing. My joy quickly diminished as I noticed certain “to do” things were either not possible (because of the distance—like a cake tasting 6 months prior) or absolutely impossible based on not knowing how many guests I would be having. I found this calendar kit soon brought more STRESS as I began feeling like I SHOULD be doing something but not knowing what that was.

VIP wants you to have a “stress-less” experience, so based on my own planning experience and also from the years of guiding my wedding couples, I have created a guideline for what makes sense in the month preceding your destination wedding. Consider it your 12 step, or 12+ monthly program for no stress passing!

Destination Wedding Calendar

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