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Danielle Mckenzie VIP Vacations

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Danielle Mckenzie VIP Vacations

March 23, 2013

Two word description-Chocolate Princess

Favorite Location- Jamaica

Favorite Drink- Pink Paradise

Email: or


Sunny personalities thrive in a tropical paradise! Since 2008 I’ve been able to help my clients find some sunshine! I work extensively with groups, especially church, community and friend groups on cruises or to Jamaica, and Mexico.  If you want to cruise for free, I’ll show you how you can bring some of your friends along and reap the rewards!  I’m available to present an entire package before your church committee or school and provide detailed information so that the planning is effortless.

Looking for your ray of sun?  Grab your sunglasses and I’ll show you the way!

Danielle Mckenzie

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