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Destination Wedding PLUS honeymoon? Destination Wedding PLUS honeymoon? Destination Wedding PLUS honeymoon? Destination Wedding PLUS honeymoon? Destination Wedding PLUS honeymoon?

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Destination Wedding PLUS honeymoon?

June 7, 2013

Years ago, having a destination wedding incorporated the travel for the wedding and the honeymoon together and the wedding couple often opted to stay at the same resort for their honeymoon as where they got married.  Today, most couples feel that staying at the same resort isn’t special or private enough and now choose to leave that resort and do a separate honeymoon for just the two of them.  Other destination wedding couples return home from their wedding and plan a separate honeymoon at a later date.  Wikipedia describes a honeymoon as the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.  There is a very romantic aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked when a couple is on their honeymoon and it’s very hard to replicate if a couple ops to stay at the resort where family/friends are staying for the wedding.

When I got married, I knew that the stress of planning the destination wedding would be a little overwhelming so we decided to go on our honeymoon 2 months after the wedding.  It was one of the best decisions for several reasons.  We had the time to decompress from the wedding travel and we also had something to look forward to as there is often a “low” felt by brides when they return from their wedding.  If due to financial reasons and limited vacation time pushes the wedding couple to take their honeymoon immediately after their wedding and stay in the same area, we often suggest that the couple leaves the resort where the wedding took place and goes to a more secluded resort.  If possible, we also encourage the couple to go to a different area in the destination so that they can experience another aspect of the destination.  This idea works well in destinations like the Riviera Maya, Jamaica and Puerto Vallarta.  Some of VIP’s favorite resorts that we suggest in those destinations are the El Dorado resorts in the Riviera Maya as well as Excellence Playa Mujeres in the Yucatan and in Jamaica we often recommend Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Plantation.  If the wedding is in Puerto Vallarta, the brand new Secrets Resort is a fabulous choice for couples and highlights romance right in the heart of the “romantic disctrict”.

Destination Weddings can be consuming for a bride to plan which means that the honeymoon can take a back seat.  At VIP, we are here to provide you with options and encourage you to begin your “happy ever after” by capturing the romance of a honeymoon!

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