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It’s A Date

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It’s A Date

September 1, 2012

“Lucky 7’s” to many people is either the name of a lottery game or a type of blackjack, but Lucky 7’s in the world of destination weddings was the term used for couples who picked 07/07/07 for their wedding date. Lucky 7’s had significance to many as it is historically thought to bring luck, fortune and happiness. However, the date is firmly stuck in my mind because the stars and calendars aligned so that this fateful date also fell on a Saturday and there was a race to find a resort that had space for a wedding. All of a sudden, a new trend immerged and selecting a wedding date that EVERYONE could remember was also very important. Fearing that these preferred dates would become full, brides began snatching those ideal dates quickly and earlier than usual. Lucky 7’s then turned into 8/8/08 and by 2009, we were randomly blocking 10/10/10 at resorts just to hold that date for a potential couple—so that should a couple call, we at least had space and could offer options. When 10/10/10 filled, we looked at 08/09/10 and so the game began. Bride’s often joked with me that their new husband’s would NEVER forget their anniversary when they selected such dates. This HUGE “date” selecting fever also had a financial impact too as it is very interesting to learn that airfare to the Caribbean and Mexico for 2011 was higher than during peak holiday seasons for the weekend of 11/11/11. Even the airlines saw this trend and maximized their profits as much as they could.

Picking a date for a destination wedding has always been a little different than selecting a date locally. We often find couples request a date based on when they got engaged and with a destination wedding, getting married on a Friday or Saturday isn’t necessarily a priority. When those “catchy” dates happened to fall on a Friday or Saturday, suddenly airfare climbed and availability was scarce. As the 12/12/12 date began to fill up, it occurred to me that 2013 was going to be very interesting now that we have used up every month matching the year. Ironically, I have already booked 06/07/13 for a wedding couple and I suppose 07/06/13 which also falls on a Saturday will be very popular. The good news is that potential destination wedding couples can now decide on a date and not have to sacrifice a destination or resort because the “clever” and popular dates are taken. Maybe we can now select a date based on sentimental reasons or even good old superstitions like not getting married on Friday the 13th. Regardless of the date you select, VIP is here to make sure it is the ‘luckiest’ day of your lives!

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