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Johanna Mussone VIP Vacations Johanna Mussone VIP Vacations Johanna Mussone VIP Vacations Johanna Mussone VIP Vacations Johanna Mussone VIP Vacations

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Johanna Mussone VIP Vacations

April 29, 2015

Favorite Drink: Margarita


Phone: (610)-653-0212.

Favorite Song: Bob Marley – Three Little Birds


Though I grew up in Pennsylvania, I have a connection with Jamaica and like to say that I am “Jamerican” at heart!  Having spent 20 years in the travel industry, I  have had the privilege of working for VIP Vacations, Inc. since 2003. I am a graduate of the Robert Morris University- in Pittsburgh; with a concentration in Travel and Tourism. Prior to joining VIP Vacations, Inc., I owned my own travel franchise for approximately 5 years. During this time I learned many different facets of the travel industry. I have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean to many all inclusive resorts and cruises; Jamaica being my favorite island!

Following Jamaica, Turks and Caicos is one of my favorite islands. An unforgettable memory for me was witnessing the owner of VIP Vacations, Jennifer and her husband Bob, getting married on this beautiful island.

As a proud certified Alaska vacation expert through Princess Cruise Lines, I have the opportunity later this year to travel to Denali, Alaska for a land and sea wedding that I have been coordinating for a client. It is truly a once in a lifetime destination that I am excited visit.

I take great pride in creating memorable vacations for my clients. I always strive to exceed expectations. I hope to make your vacation one that is filled with lasting memories. My mission is to build long lasting relationships with my clients and have them become more like friends/family that I get to hear from year after year!

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me today for your best vacation ever!

Johanna Mussone Johanna Mussone Johanna Mussone Johanna Mussone

Dear Johanna, you are the Queen of Travel

Arranging for 22 people to travel across the country to all arrive in perfect order to board the splendid NCL”Escape”  (and do just that, escape, for a week of spectacular sunrises/sunsets, pampering and happy wedding memories), was a feat of Herculean proportions.  How very grateful we were to have your skill and expertise to assist us.  All were well-informed and updated so that the trip evolved seamlessly.  You even arranged for prefect weather the day of the wedding – you are amazing!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for making this trip so special, and, as you read this, imagine Enya performing Caribbean Blue as the soundtrack.

Diana Smeltzer, Mother of the groom

Thank you, Johanna, so much for all your help in arranging this marvelous event!!  No bride could have been more lovely, and no groom could have been more handsome than our Brenda and Joel.  It was the perfect wedding!!  And the Caribbean was as I left it years ago, beautiful in every way.  Loved the wedding on the beach at Emerald Bay, St. Thomas.  The weather was as the weather is on St. Thomas:  amazing!  And our ship (the Escape), what can I say?!!  Magnificent!!  The whole event was a truly magical experience, from beginning to end!   Again, thank you for your help.

And, for your upcoming life-changing event, I wish you blessings and happiness!!!   Best regards,  –Mary

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