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Keep The Faith

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Keep The Faith

December 31, 2011

Keep The Faith

Deciding on having a destination usually involves getting family and friends ‘on board’, selecting the perfect location and resort, and budgeting for the costs involved.  Sure, there will be issues with family over affordability of attending, and maybe even some objections to the destination that you have selected.  However, many time couples internally wrestle over preserving their religious obligations more than any of the issues I have mentioned above.  Even though at times, it seems like society has disregarded religion as a priority, we can’t forget that the origins of marriage stem from moral and religious doctrines.  Remember, 75% of weddings still take place in a “house of worship”.   Couples planning a destination wedding used to have to “settle” on a non-denominational minister as the officiant.  There simply was no other option.  As the trend of having a destination wedding has surged, couples now actually do have a choice as to including their religion and faith into their wedding abroad.   It is very important as you search for a destination to make mention this desire to incorporate your faith into your ceremony from the very beggining.   Mentioning this is vital as there are still some destinations where it may be impossible to grant this request.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of helping Catholic couples get “legally” married abroad and have learned everything that is needed to make this wish a reality.  I’ve learned how to have a Hindi wedding with vegetarian only dining options in other countries and know where it is far easier to make this happen and where it is surely an issue.  Jewish weddings can be a piece of cake and even adding “Kosher” menus to the reception options, when you know the locations of where they do this regularly.  Couples no longer have to sacrifice their heritage simply to get married on an island paradise.   I might also mention that it is not as simple as just bringing your Rabbi or Priest with you to your wedding.  VIP Vacations has gone through in-depth trainings and has the experience to guide you to the perfect location that meets all of your wedding needs.  As the saying goes, “Where there is the will, there is a way” and if it is made clear from the beginning that you must “keep your faith” in your wedding, VIP Vacations will provide you the way to make it happen!

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