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My Presence Is My Present!

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My Presence Is My Present!

April 1, 2012

Wedding Gifts

Usually I write my blog from the perspective of the bride. Having been a destination wedding bride, I often refer to my own experiences, coupled with experiences I have shared with the other wedding couples I have worked with over the years.  However, this blog entry is from the dual perspective of a destination wedding guest and a destination wedding bride.  I have had the pleasure of traveling to many of my friends destination weddings and am often asked, “did you get the wedding couple a gift?”
Many guests who book into our group weddings also ask if it is customary to bring a wedding gift to a destination wedding.  Guests often assume that the expense of going to a destination wedding usually infers that they won’t be purchasing a gift or giving a monetary gift either.

Is there any sort of etiquette for destination wedding guests when it comes to gifts?

Here are some general rules that have been widely accepted for destination weddings:

A very cute way the bride/groom can convey to their guests that they do not want gifts is by simply stating, “ your presence is the best present you could give us”.

Remember, the memories made during a destination wedding are “priceless”.

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