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VIP Vacations Inc.

Privacy Policy For VIP Vacations

Privacy Policy For VIP Vacations

Privacy Policy For VIP Vacations:

The website is not to be construed as solicitation or offering of travel or travel products. The VIP Vacations website is posted for informational purposes. VIP Vacations Inc. does not warrant the accuracy of any of the material contained herein as well as names of resorts, destinations and cruise lines. The VIP website may  contain web links to other 3rd party websites and the accuracy of which is not warranted.  Links on our website may not include the Privacy Policy of VIP Vacations.

Any reliance on the information contained within this website should be viewed at your own risk. The use of this site does not in and of itself constitute or establish an agent/client relationship.

Choice of Law:

In addition, users of this site agree that VIP Vacations Inc. is a domiciled Pennsylvania Corporation which includes the location of our corporate office.  Therefore, if a dispute arises pertaining to the VIP website or purchases made from links found on the VIP website, then they will be settled in a tribunal located in the state of Pennsylvania. Most importantly, all legal matters will also be in accordance with the laws of the state of Pennsylvania.

Partnerships and affiliations, cruise value center:

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Privacy Policy For VIP Vacations:

Certain brands mentioned on VIP’s website also contain trademarks.  Personal photos that belong to VIP Vacations may be found on the VIP Vacations websites and are not to be duplicated.   The VIP website is also a copy written site.

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