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Size Matters!

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Size Matters!

May 29, 2012

Size Matters!

As you begin to plan your destination wedding, you will be repeatedly asked, “how many guests do you have traveling”.  You are asked this when you block rooms at your resort.  You are asked this when you start budgeting for the ceremony and reception.  You are asked this when you are calculating if you qualify for any perks from the resort too.

As a previous destination wedding bride, I can certainly feel your frustration because in the beginning stages of the planning, you can only “guesstimate” how many people will attend.   This makes budgeting very difficult.  What I often find is the result of this “estimation” of attendees, is that the wedding couple tend to not really consider the type of “room” they are staying in until practically a few short months prior to departure.  By this time, the nicer suites are either sold out, or cost far more than what they did when the couple was first holding group rooms.  Trust me when I say this, “Size does matter”.   In an effort to economize, couples forget that for many, this is their “honeymoon” as well as their destination wedding.  They also neglect to realize that many times the bridal party will be in and out of your room and/or getting ready for the wedding in the very room you are staying in.

At many of VIP “tried and true” ** resorts, some of the top suites also come with a butler.  A destination wedding couple has no idea how much of a “genie” a butler can be.  For a wedding, a butler is like your personal assistant.  They prepare you for where you need to be, bring refreshments to your suite on the day of the wedding, contact guests –should you require this, and for the grooms, the butler is there to ensure everything is as romantic as can be.  On the night of the wedding, the butler will make your room up with candles, soft music, sweet treats by the bed and even create a bubble bath.  Most butler level rooms are also large suites with mini kitchens and living areas that provide the entire bridal party with an area where they can celebrate while getting ready for the wedding.  Some resorts also give the butler a golf cart which provides you with the ability to get where you need to be with ease!

For many brides, they envision what the day of the wedding will be like, they spend weeks debating where they should get married, and do vast research on their resort, yet they often neglect to consider the several days they are at the resort and the type of room they will be in.   Arriving at your resort for your destination wedding and walking into a gorgeous suite really enhances your memories.  An average size room, is just average; but a suite is truly “sweet”.

** Tried and True resorts are listed on for resorts that VIP recommends for destination weddings!

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