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Do You Feel Lucky? by VIP President Jennifer Doncsecz

November 2, 2018

To paraphrase Clint Eastwood in “Dirty Harry,” “Do you feel lucky?” It turns out most people do—according to an Inc. survey which found that 89 percent of respondents said that positive outcomes in their lives were based on good luck. Ninety-two percent stated that successful people they knew were also considered to …

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To Blog or Not to Blog by VIP President Jennifer Doncsecz

November 2, 2018

Do you remember when it was all the rage to gain brand recognition, social media followers and more clients by having a blog? Although blogging is no longer as popular as it once was, travel bloggers are still out there and people really do read them! I often get lured into reading …

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What’s Trending in Travel Featuring Ryan Doncsecz

October 29, 2018

VIP Vacations Ryan Doncsecz is interviewed by TravelPulse In an effort to keep both advisors and clients up to speed on the latest travel patterns and popular tourism products, TravelPulse highlights some of the hottest travel trends worth paying attention to. Trending Destinations Ryan Doncsecz, an advisor with VIP Vacations, Inc. in …

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