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Taking the PLUNGE! Taking the PLUNGE! Taking the PLUNGE! Taking the PLUNGE! Taking the PLUNGE!

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Taking the PLUNGE!

May 3, 2013

Everyone seems to agree that destination weddings provide the most amazing backdrops for photos.  Couples have been capitalizing on the beauty of their locations for several years by scheduling a trash the dress photo session.  I’ve discussed what a Trash The Dress (TTD) is in one of my blog’s  2 years ago; specifically addressing concerns many brides had about damaging their wedding gowns.  This trend has been growing in popularity and many brides have either purchased a second dress just for the photo session or realize that a simple dry cleaning can result in the gowns looking like new. More and more wedding couples are now jumping off of cliffs, doing leaps into pools and even diving into Cenote’s in Mexico.  If you are still worried about your wedding gown, you can tip toe into the water (like VIP’s Caityln Kennedy did—see photo) and capture the waves crashing against the shore!

Photographers are even becoming more and more creative with where and how they shoot a TTD.  Lately, many of our destination wedding couples have been sending me their photos and telling me that doing a TTD was one of the best decisions they made.  Every time I get a new photo, I feel the sudden urge to take the plunge again!  How do you feel after looking at these photos?

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