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Janelle Alderfer

Team VIP


Administrative Assistant

Favorite Location:

San Diego, CA

Favorite Drink:

Sauvignon Blanc

Favorite Song:

Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Janelle's Full Bio

Since i was a little girl, i have always loved to travel. Growing up, my Dad & I would always go on road trips all over the East Coast. During my Senior year of High School, i was able to travel all over France with my French class and that's when I really fell in love with traveling to other countries. Put me anywhere with a beach, clear water, and a swim-up bar and that's my version of heaven! I am honored to be a part of the VIP Team and would love to help you with any of your travel needs.

Janelle's Certifications



The music was good. The food was amazing! We ate as vegetarians this time instead of vegan, but most of the meals were vegan and the taste was great! (So much better than Curacao)

The colors of the water were beautiful. The beach and water were gorgeous.

The atmosphere is more relaxed but you can find entertainment if you want it. We liked the atmosphere, we're not really partiers at night, but you can find the party if you want it.

We love the Jamaica influence in Antigua in general.

We would go back.

Thanks for being awesome :)

Whitney McNeill - Rimrock, AZ
Sandals Grande Antigua Vacation


The Royal Hawaiian was fun! It had beautiful grounds with the pool and beach right in the back and tons of shops right out front towards the Main Street. We had THE BEST French fries of our lives at the pool. Their beach was perfect for ppl learning to surf, it was rideable but calmer, and I’m bummed we didn’t decide to try, they had rentals but I don’t think they had lessons so we didn’t do it. It was definitely city vibe, lots of ppl. So many places to eat and drink tho. Our coffees that sat at a spot down the street was some of the best, plus by açaí bowl, also incredible.

Just overall everywhere, we had amazing food.

Grand Hyatt was incredible.

Location wise, it’s perfect. Great weather and beaches that are nearby without driving even more than a few minutes were fun and offered different things! Poipu beach had sea turtles, monks seals, and a perfect spot for snorkeling, so if you want to have crashing waves, stay at shipwreck, wanna have more gentle waves and ability to snorkel, go 5 min down the road. Either way, bring water shoes!!! Just do it! We are all cut up from rocks and sea urchins.

Thank you for everything!

Sarah Molchany - Quakertown, PA
Hawaii Honeymoon