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VIP Vacations Inc.

Megan Doncsecz, Travel Planner at VIP Vacations

Team VIP


Hospitality Concierge

Favorite Location:

At the Swim-Up Bar

Favorite Drink:

Piña Colada

Favorite Song:

Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes

Penn State University Graduate Megan Doncsecz says living abroad only made her want to travel more!  Furthermore, travel is in her genes!

Some of Megan’s most memorable experiences include hang gliding in Switzerland.

In addition to travel, Meg also adores her 2 puppies.   For her complete bio, please see below.

Megan's Full Bio

Growing up in a household where our fondest memories came from family vacations, travel was more than just a business that I was quite literally born into.

If there is a gene for wanderlust, it was a dominant gene that I was born with. I grew up appreciating the joy that can come from a family vacation, the bonding that can happen when you travel with friends, and the romance that can be felt when you are on an adventure with that special person.   

From dining in the Eiffel Tower, or hiking the Grand Canyon, to seeing the history of Chichen Itza in Mexico, and discovering new cultures while collecting passport stamps, these experiences were precious and never taken for granted.  

When it was time to decide what I wanted to study in college, my first and only thought was Hospitality Management. Graduating from a top ten school for HM (We Are!!), I was able to study abroad in Europe, work for numerous restaurants and gain knowledge of multiple facets of the hospitality industry...but there was something that always drew me back to home and the business that my family built.

Having the opportunity to take all of my past travel experiences and put them into my work, is why VIP Vacations is the perfect match for me. I can’t wait to assist guests in finding their inner child, discovering new locations, spending time with those they love and creating lasting memories one destination at a time. 

Megan's Certifications