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VIP Vacations Inc.

Samantha Gallina

Team VIP


Administrative Assistant to the CFO

Favorite Location:

A New Place to Explore

Favorite Drink:

Espresso Martini

Favorite Song:

The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun

Samantha's Full Bio

While I might not be a travel agent at VIP, I still love to get away! As a kid it seemed my parents were always taking us somewhere great! Cruises to the Caribbean, flights to see Mickey at Disney World, or a nice drive down to the beaches of Wildwood, NJ. Along with these amazing trips we moved a couple of times, New York to Illinois to Pennsylvania. This really forced me to meet new people and discover my new surroundings. Now as an adult, I still love to discover new places and road trips with my sister has become a new hobby. My two favorite things about traveling are finding hidden gems within the city and the food! To work off all the amazing food I try I enjoy hiking and if possible walking everywhere I go!