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Beaches Turks & Caicos Destination Wedding Testimonial

Destination Wedding Reviews

Beaches Turks & Caicos Destination Wedding Testimonial

Nicole Martin - Columbia, SC

"I highly recommend using VIP"

Working with Vacations by VIP really helped with the stress of planning a destination wedding. My initial call was with Jennifer and you can tell she cares greatly about people having a smooth experience during their destination wedding. After booking my wedding, Liz took over as my wedding consultant and was very responsive. I am not the type of bride who really looked forward to planning her wedding, because I would get overwhelmed with the amount of options. Having Liz to guide me and advise me through the process made it much easier. She also made sure to keep me on track with timelines, as I definitely procrastinated on submitting my final decisions for the big day (such as food and decor).

The biggest bonus of using them though was how much easier it makes your time as a bride when you aren’t having to deal with answering all your guests’ questions in regards to the travel timelines and the resort. If my friends had questions about pricing and such I was able to just send them VIP’s contact information and not have that on my plate. For that reason alone, I highly recommend using VIP. But all the agents at VIP are very responsive, friendly and genuinely want to make this process as smooth as it can be. Thank you again, Liz and everyone at VIP for all your help, especially after having to reschedule my wedding because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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