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Carnival Cruise Testimonial

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Carnival Cruise Testimonial

Andy and Raenette Schneck - Schnecksville, PA

"We had a great time!"

Hey Emily,

The cruise was great, the weather was perfect. We had a great time!. . .Getting to Baltimore was super easy, got the ship pretty quick and started eating immediately!. . .The kids had fun with the group
they connected with. The room was tight with 4 of us, but it worked out just fine. . .We ended up with a really good waiter, so, we went to the early seating the 6 nights we ate in the dinning room. He really took care of us. . .This cruise was different than the last one we took 12 yrs ago. That was only a 4 night cruise, so, we really only had 3 1/2 days and when two days we were on shore excursions things went really fast. . .This time, things went quickly, but not too quickly. We remarked at how it didn’t feel like it was going too fast…The comedians were good, the shows were decent, maybe not as good as the last time. We had a lot more down time during the mornings and afternoons this time, but that was ok, because we actually got to relax. . .

We took the shore excursion to Coccoa Beach and it was warm enough to layout and swim. . .At Nassau, we took a taxi to Atlantis beach (a free beach) and for $4 a person,that was pretty cheap and easy. The guys were at the welcome center trying to get you to the beach. It was beautiful there, but the guys liked to hound you for drinks, chairs, jet skis, hair braiding, but, if you ignored them, they wouldn’t keep bothering you. We ended up renting a jet ski, wihich was probably the most fun we had the whole time, that was a blast. Probably not the safest thing considering we didn’t sign any paperwork or get much instruction on how to drive it, but it all turned out well. . .I would say that Freeport was a bit
disappointing, in that, we were only there from 7a to 2p, and the beaches
weren’t close. It was the warmest day, but we didn’t get in the water. I think most people just shopped at the port or stayed on the ship. . .I would leave out of NJ or Baltimore again, but, and I’d go to Nassau again, but i’d like to try a cruise that stops at it’s own island. A friend said that was their best shore excursion and i’m not sure which line it was, but this family had done Universal one day, Atlantis resort water slides another day and considering the costs and lines, they said theire fav was the cruise line owned island. . .

It will probably be a while till do another one, but, you did a great job getting us set up and answering question and we were very pleased with the whole cruise. . .You can take a look at my page and look at the pictures from the cruise that my daughter had posted (179 of them!). . .I already recommended you to a FB friend that started talking to me about taking a cruise 🙂

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