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Destination Wedding at Azul Sensatori | Kelly

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Azul Sensatori | Kelly

Shannon (Straughn) & Jeffrey Kelly - Hatboro, PA

"I LOVED it! Best time ever!"

Sensatori Destination Wedding Review:

HI Jennifer,

I am back. We left June 19th and came home the 29th. The Azul is BEAUTIFUL! The staff is also OUTSTANDING. The weather was gorgeous the first 7 days we were there including the wedding and then it rained the last 4 days ALL DAY.

Roberto and Veronica organized our wedding when we got there and it was seamless. The music for the ceremony was perfectly timed and they did not need any help. The DJ at our reception was shaky in the beginning but we had a friend MC the dances, etc and the DJ caught on and our party was amazingggg!!! The girls have nothing to worry about!

I would have to say the entertainment is LACKING. They have one show every night at 9:30 and they are VERY good, however, there is really nothing to do at the resort other than swim and go to that show. I would recommend doing excursions for those who like entertainment, because you will not find it here. I definitely recommend tipping your maid every day. They do day and night service. Room service is always available. On our wedding night after we got back from the reception We had a hot tub filled with rose petals in the shape of a heart, candles all around it and two kissing swans on our bed and champain. Nothing was more romantic than that. Breakfast in bed the next day and candlelight dinner at the beach.

I LOVED IT! Best time ever! How was your resort and your wedding?? I wanna know as Jeff and I want to go away next year around the same time.


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