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Destination Wedding at Beaches Negril | Blake

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Beaches Negril | Blake

Lisa Mosley (Blake) & Adam Blake - Smyrna, GA

"Getting married at an all-inclusive resort was the best decision that we made."

VIP Beaches Wedding Review From Destination Wedding Couple


Getting married at an all-inclusive resort was the best decision that we made. Upon our arrival, we set up snorkeling for the entire wedding group. We really wanted everyone to go. Once we found out that snorkeling was down on a glass bottom boat, we were thrilled. We also pitched the idea that even if people didn’t want to snorkel.  They could still see everything just by being on the boat. Since our family was so large (30 people), we had the entire boat to ourselves. Big plus! Also, the boat had a canopy, so the sun wasn’t glaring down on us.

Our family thought (besides the wedding, of course) that this was the BEST event. I wish I could describe how incredible it was. I got back on the boat and was just like “WOW.”

The on-site wedding planners are FABULOUS!

VIPs assistance was crucial. I found Jennifer and the company by the luck of the internet. I am very picky and organized, and VIP was the right fit for me. In the beginning, I was very on top of things. Jennifer and I worked well together sending multiple emails daily. Towards the end, I got burnt out of wedding planning.

Luckily, when our family members had questions, Jennifer was able to answer them quickly. Her knowledge of the particular resort I was getting married was a GREAT help. I could definitely tell that her and her team had been physically been to the resorts and knew what they were talking about.

Also, if Jennifer didn’t know an answer to my question, she would quickly find it out for me. My husband and I can’t say enough great things about VIPs assistance. Without a doubt, we would recommend VIP to any engaged couple.

Also, having a big group proved to be challanging. I would caution couples against trying to have dinners together besides the rehearsal and wedding reception. Even though we had reservations in restaurants, we still had to wait anywhere from twenty to fifity minutes for our table. Luckily, we and our family are very relaxed and didn’t mind waiting. I would recommend either eating separate or in small tables (6 or less).

We had no problems using the shuttle service between hotels. We even walked from hotel to hotel. However, be careful of local Jamaicans when you are off of property. Adam got slipped many different types of drugs. The best part about the locals is when you put your foot down and say no, they move on very respectfully.

Jennifer, everything was perfect. Thank you, VIP team, and the rest of your team for everything. Sorry this email took so long. I really had to take some time to sit down and write everything out. I will email you the pictures tonight.


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