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Destination Wedding at Beaches Turks and Caicos | Dismuke

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Beaches Turks and Caicos | Dismuke

Ciara Jones and Marquise Dismuke - Salisbury, MD

"They treated us like VIP every place we went."

Wedding at Beaches Turks and Caicos review:

First, having this destination wedding was one of the BEEEEEEST decisions we have made in our entire lives so far!!  We cannot all wait to go back!!  Every guest honestly wants us to do it all over again already!!  The wedding was AMAZIIIIING!!  We ALL had the best time!!  I don’t know what we would have done if you all were not there through the entire process.

The people there are THE BEST!!  The water was UNBELIEVABLE!!  The landscaping was PERFECT!!  All of my guests had GREAT views from their rooms!!  The Caribbean village was not bad at all in our eyes.  It was great!!  I ate at Reflections like every day.  And OMG!!  Arizona’s was our favorite!!  The chef came out and prepared a special dinner for us.  OMG IT WAS DELICIOUS!!  The Key West Village was  BEAUTIFUL!!  The room was so spacious, the windows, the wrapped around patio, kitchen, laundry area, and bathroom were just GREAT!!  The Red Lane Spa was AMAZING!!  The smell of the place alone made me feel like it was worth every penny.  A lot of our guests walked over with us and ended up setting up appointments as well for the following days.  It was GREAT!!

They treated us like VIP every place we went.  We just could not thank any of them enough.  They really made sure I was well taken care of especially with my foot.  They were all genuinely happy for us and especially when they saw my walking improving as the days went by.  It was so funny, because I was fine just had a swollen foot without pain.  The concierge workers were great.  They did a special bday cake and put up balloons in the room for his grandmother’s bday on the night she arrived.  It was GREAT and she loved it!!

The wedding day WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!  The weather was UNBELIEVABLE and the clearest sky you could wish for.  My music went perfect which I was extremely worried about days before and I was actually able to WAAAAALK down the aisle!!  I was so happy!!  Our cake was good and the food was SOOO GOOD!!  The reception on the Island Routes catamaran was WONDERFUL!!  The people were so nice and we just had a BLAST!!  I still cannot believe that it was true about not worrying about the people that were not able to make it.  Planning this entire thing I thought I would have a breakdown about not seeing certain people in the audience that could not attend.  It was the opposite!!  I was THRILLED looking at the faces of the people that WERE in the audience.

Thank you ALL SOOO much for all you went through with us.  I know for a fact that Ryan was a soldier the entire time, and that’s only with the stuff I know about.  I’m sure he went through much more and I had no clue.  There are no areas where I though you all could improve.  I guess the only thing I assumed in the beginning was that I would have to talk to you all of the time.  Once you all put things in place for us, though, I guess there truly was not a reason, too.  I’m happy I didn’t have to bother you so much, and especially since you are like the busiest person walking.

I honestly thought you all wouldn’t want to hear from me after dealing with my group.  I’m not on fb much, but I did give a shout out to thank our guests.

The wedding planner, Celeste was AMAZING!!  I was so happy the lady, Marissa suggested her to me.  Celeste actually stayed with us from about 10am to 5pm the day after we arrived.  Which was unbelievable since she said usually her meetings with the bride and groom usually takes no more than hour.  I felt so bad, but she made us feel like it was perfectly fine.  She was so patient and so willing to make sure I was fine with every thing.  She had me practice my walking in the sand and was just so encouraging the entire time.  We were all having so much fun together and could not stop talking time just flew.  Thanks to Celeste I was the calmest bride ever on the actual wedding day.  The staff told me I was a rare bride, because they could actually tell I wasn’t worried at all on the actual day.  I did not feel nervous about anything the entire day I was just READY!!  Honestly, just SO HAPPY AND SO EXCITED!!

Thank you for checking on us!!  You and your team are WONDERFUL, Jennifer!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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