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Destination Wedding at Beaches Turks and Caicos | Abraham

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Beaches Turks and Caicos | Abraham

Jennifer Breidinger and Thomas Abraham - Allentown, PA

"So amazingly stress free which was one of the best parts of all!"

Review for Beaches Turks and Caicos destination wedding bride:

Omg it was amazing!!!! Everyone and everything was fabulous! I am in the process of writing out a letter to thank you for everything with details! Jennifer, you can absolutely do whatever you want with the pictures! You did such an amazing job helping me through the process.  Because of you, it was a breeze and so amazingly stress free which was one of the best parts of all!!!!

Letter Testimonial:

Dear Jennifer and the amazing staff at VIP,

Tom and I cannot thank you enough.  Your time, consideration, and assistance you provided to us as well as our family and our friends made our wedding week and wedding day the most perfect time of our lives.

When Tom first asked me to marry him some 5 years ago, although I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with I also know that after the first bridal shop at Stabler arena that realistically a “traditional Lehigh Valley wedding” was not in the books for us.

I made the executive decision to begin researching destination weddings. I contacted a few travel agents at first just to get some ideas.  But initially made my “great idea” seem like it was going to be more stressful.

One fateful Sunday night I emailed Jennifer. She emailed me back before Monday Morning! Additionally, we talked that Monday about the options, the location (Beaches Turks). I was given the planning the timing, the etiquette, everything.

The Planning:

From the moment I began to talk with Jennifer to the minute I hung up I had the feeling, for the first time since our engagement, of excitement at the thought of our wedding day! In addition, there were no more nerves no more stress.   There was a plan and Jennifer was going to help me see it through.

Every step of the planning process Jennifer answered all my questions.  She kept the process extremely pleasurable. As my family began to buy into the idea of going away for a week long wedding extravaganza, everyone that they had contact with at VIP was more than accommodating regardless of how ridiculous the questions… “like should I bring towels???”. I should note that 90% of the people that came to our wedding had never been on a trip like this before, and had no idea what they were in for.

After all the initial plans for travel were made Jennifer and I sat down to create the perfect wedding day. She listened and offered suggestions based on her own experience without bias and made certain that our wedding day was being planned to be exactly what we wanted, tailored to our style and personalities.

In less than 2 hours (2 non stressful and liberating hours) we had everything set. The tables, the flowers, the food, the photographer, the entertainment, everything!!!!
Then the day finally came, we departed from Newark and landed in Turks!!!

The Resort:

From the moment we arrived at the resort and we met the wedding planner, Celeste, it was obvious that Jennifer had been in in contact with her.  In addition, all of the details, notes, and planning forms were in her possession already!!!

We chose a beach setting for the wedding overlooking the gorgeous blue water, with a beach setting for the reception also.

For the entirety of the week up until Friday, our wedding day, our 40 some guests went from being from different parts of the country, different times of our lives, and different families to being as close as one big family. For Tom and I, although we were excited for Friday and for the wedding, this was what it was all about. A marriage, a joining of two lives together, a joining of two families together, something simply that cannot be done in a 5 hour reception, but something that happened over the first 4 days that we all spent together in paradise.

The resort recommendation held true as the accommodations and the service throughout our stay was above and beyond anything we had ever experienced or expected. Our butlers were amazing.  They accommodated our large group by getting us a cabana and ALOT of chairs at the Italian village pool almost every day. Similarly, they brought trays of food and pizza for lunch. Our butlers Ellen and Carlington were also able to make a reservation for our whole group at the hibachi on Wednesday night.  This was our informal welcome dinner! Then, as if things could not be more perfect, it was Friday morning, and we were getting married!

The Wedding:

The day was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, the ocean breeze cooling our guests while they awaited our arrival. As my bridesmaids and I were pampered at the spa in the morning and awaited the moment when Celeste would come to the villa and take up to the wedding.   I was excited by calm. Apparently too calm for my bridesmaids (all 3 of them were pacing) “aren’t you nervous” “when is she coming” “what do we do next.” Maybe I should have had them talk to Jennifer before we left because I knew everything would be perfect, exactly how we had planned and exactly how I imagined this day to be.

As my father walked me down the aisle on the perfect white sand beach to Tom in front of your closest friends and family who had come together to celebrate our marriage, I realized that there would not be another second in my life when I would have such a feeling of complete happiness.

The wedding was beautiful, the setting was incomparable, the moment was perfect. The rest of the day was filled with pictured on the beach (amazing photographers by the way), delicious food, drinks, fun, and dancing. Because we got married at 3, the sun was not quite setting by the time the cocktail hour started, and our locations was in the sun. Celeste had umbrellas put in place to shade the tables for our guests (another example of the above and beyond service, and reasons I did not stress over much on that day.)

Our reception lasted long after the sunset and the party continued on the Cricketeers Pub.

After The Wedding:

Perhaps the best moment of all was the moment that Tom and I got back to the villa and he looked at me and said “babe, that was perfect.  Everything was beautiful, your dress was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.  The food was amazing, the flowers and receptions area was beautiful. Everyone had such a wonderful time. Everything about today was perfect. You did an amazing job planning today and this whole trip… “Thank you.”

Thank you:

And this is the Thank You I pass onto you!  Additionally, I cannot thank you enough for all your help, guidance, and patience along the way. You are truly making dreams come true every day and you do it in such a caring and sincere way.

Finally,  there is not one thing that can explain the feeling of walking down an aisle on a white sand beach to your best friend and husband.

Please find the enclosed pictures for your use and enjoyment. We also found something that reminded me a little of that moment.  Hopefully you can find a place to hang it at your beautiful office for all those brides walking through your front door who are also on the way to the most perfect moment of their lives with your help.

Because of you, they will be able to keep calm and sparkle.
With heartfelt gratitude and love,

Tom and Jenn Abraham.

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