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Destination Wedding at Beaches Turks & Caicos | Emanuel

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Beaches Turks & Caicos | Emanuel

Jessica and Jerome Emanuel - Elmira, NY

"The destination wedding of my dreams unfolded before my eyes"

Destination Wedding Turks Review:

While reading a review on another brides planning thread, I came across the name Jennifer Doncsecz, President of VIP Vacations Inc..  Jennifer is a world renowned expert travel agent AND also a Beaches Turks and Caicos bride!

I frantically emailed Jennifer on a Sunday evening at 8:00 pm. Additionally, I didn’t expect a response from her personally much less a response that same evening. One could imagine how ecstatic I was when she responded by 9:00 pm that same night, the PRESIDENT of the company on a SUNDAY!! When she said, “I work around the clock for all of my brides” she was not kidding!

From the first email exchange with Jennifer, it was apparent that she had just what any destination bride needs in a TA, a superfluity of knowledge and insight; as a travel agent, traveler and destination wedding expert! From that point on the destination wedding of my dreams unfolded before my eyes. Leaving an impression and lasting memory upon us and each of those who joined us; so much so, that none of us will ever travel without the support from our VIP Vacations Inc. family again!

Working with VIP

Jennifer was much more than a TA throughout the course of making our vacation, wedding and honeymoon arrangements.  In addition,  she doubled as a wedding planner, a friend, and a fellow destination wedding bride.

She knew exactly what I was going through and what was yet to come.  She also thought of things that had never even crossed my mind. Not only did she always communicate with me (and her team with our guests) in a timely manner, she had a great system in place and was very well organized. We talked about everything from flights to out-of-town bags for our guests -and all things in between! She was nothing short of AMAZING to work with. I never worried again, after we put our wedding in her company’s hands. I was able to take pleasure in the wedding planning, pay attention to detail and really enjoy every aspect of the whole experience.

I would recommend her as the absolute best in the business! I believe that we would not have experienced our wedding the way that we did, had we not had Jennifer Doncsecz along with the VIP team heading every aspect of our travel and wedding arrangements! Words could never express our gratitude and thanks for their expert advice that led us through the wedding and vacation of our dreams.

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