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Destination Wedding at El Dorado Royale | Brence

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at El Dorado Royale | Brence

Kaitlyn Klena & Collin Brence - Plano, TX

"The entire experience was like a dream"

Wedding El Dorado Royale Review For VIP Vacations

The trip was amazing! We loved every minute of it, and so did our guests. El Dorado Royale was so fun!  Eeryone loved the atmosphere. It was great having the reception inside, because we didn’t have to worry about the wind, rain, humidity, etc. The photographer seemed to be amazing – we can’t wait for the pictures. The DJ was great too.

The rooms we had for the first few nights were plenty nice, however, the casita suite was AMAZING. We absolutely loved it. If we went back, we would probably go back to stay in a casita suite.

Working with VIP

We greatly enjoyed working with the VIP team and would highly recommend them to our friends/family. The entire team was a pleasure to work with, and all the reps were great with our guests. In particular, we were extremely impressed with both Emily and Ryan. They were extremely kind, comforting, and helpful. Emily was especially helpful on a stressful conference call with Kaitlyn and her mom. She was extremely calm and respectful. She answered all of our questions with grace and followed up with all the answers we were looking for. Additionally, she was great when discussing decorations and locations at the resort. Overall, Emily was a HUGE help in planning the wedding.

Likewise, Ryan was always so comforting on the phone. I called him OFTEN. When we spoke, Ryan always spoke with such a positive tone ready to help. He constantly problem-solved and was creative with his logistics. He knew exactly when and how to add rooms for our large group. In addition, he offered several options to our guests and was very efficient. Everyone who spoke to him was very complimentary.  Best of all, he understood our desire to keep costs low, and always provided cost-effective options.

The combo of Ryan and Emily was a dream team. We were extremely lucky to have them. A couple more shout-outs: I only spoke to Bryan a couple times, but he was extremely comforting and nice as well. Liz almost ALWAYS picked up the phone and was always helpful in answering any questions she could or getting a message to the right person.

Thank you!

Overall, the entire experience was like a dream. Everyone we talked to said they had an amazing time as well. We are so thankful for ALL your help. Y’all were so great. Couldn’t have done it without everyone at VIP.

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