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Destination Wedding at Now Amber

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Now Amber

Lisa Waters - Phoenix, AZ

"Everything was perfect, honestly!"

Now Amber Destination Wedding review for VIP Vacations.

Dear VIP,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you and your company has done for us. We had a lot going on during our wedding planning (new job, etc.) and knowing that everything was handled and covered by you was SO relieving. I LOVED the zippered document holder that had all the info for our guests. And we really appreciated the card and the picture frame gift from VIP, what a sweet touch!

VIP Vacations

I would recommend you guys to all my friends! Everyone at VIP has been so pleasant to work with and I was so glad to know that I could reach out to you if anything would have happened at the resort. A HUGE thank you to everyone, you all really helped make our destination wedding so enjoyable. So, now you know I’m a huge fan of VIP, now on to the other details:

Everything went great. We met with Fatima and her assistant a few days before the wedding. They were great. I have to say, Luke and I did not have enough time to research and plan all the little details so they did a great job asking how we would want things and providing suggestions without stressing us out.

Now Amber Resort:

The Now Amber Resort is awesome! Great service, great food, great atmosphere. I would agree that for guests it’s not worth it to upgrade, it is basically the same as the other tower, except there are snacks out and a bar on the second floor. The hotel did lots of cute things like running a bath with rose petals and decorating our bed and such, and everyone was so pleasant. I was surprised at how good the restaurants are, I would agree the food is definitely above average for an AI.

Fatima and her assistant were SO helpful. They checked in with me during the entire wedding to make sure when we wanted to move to the next event (toast, cutting cake, etc) and were there just when you needed them but also when I wasn’t talking with them briefly, I don’t even remember them hovering or in the way or anything. Really, very seemless. Fatima even helped me find a place to get my nails done off site because I forgot to before I left and the prices at the spa were so high for just the last 3 days of trip. We had our reception on the Terrace, this is the best place to have it. It’s the only truly private area. Also a good idea to check if they are having a carnival the same night because it can be noisy.

Everything was perfect, honestly! Thank you so much!

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