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Destination Wedding at Sandals Antigua

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Sandals Antigua

Katie Smith and Jonathan Hamsher - Topton, PA

"Our wedding was absolutely the most amazing experience!!"

Wedding Review Sandals Antigua

Hi Jennifer,

ur wedding was absolutely the most amazing experience!! Sandals did an awesome job, I did not have to worry about one thing, they had it all covered!! I would most definitely recommend, VIP, Sandals, and Antigua to other couples. The only thing for me was, I wished we had gone longer, it did not feel like a week since one day was the wedding but other than that it was awesome! We had an awesome ceremony, the person who did the wedding, she did a great job with the ceremony, it was very heartfelt. We did it right on the beach, the location was amazing! I would definitely like to acknowledge Jennifer from VIP, she was with me from the start to the end. Always answering my questions, helping us find the perfect spot for the wedding, dealing with my craziness! She is wonderful.

Thank you!

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