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Destination Wedding at Sandals South Coast

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at Sandals South Coast

Jennifer Johnson and Otto Mucklo - Arlington, VA

"I can’t tell you how many of our friends and family commented or told us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever attended."


Hi, Jennifer!

Our Sandals South Coast, Jamaica destination wedding was a tremendous success! We also want to thank you all at VIP Vacations for the thoughtful card and frame. We just put a wedding picture in it.

The resort was beautiful and the staff were fantastic! They were super attentive and friendly, especially the bartenders at the French pool. We spent the vast majority of our time at the French pool, which was considered the “party pool” and most convenient to our guests, most of whom were in staying in the French and Dutch buildings. We were upgraded to the club level so we had a fantastic room and the view was killer too! South Coast was definitely the right choice!

Even when the rain and storms rolled in, there was plenty to keep us occupied. After bringing the fun to the French pool during the day, we certainly made the Martini Bar our own personal hangout and dance club for most of the weekend (and after the wedding reception too).

Numerous Sandals staff even commented with excited and wide grins that they had never seen or experienced a wedding like ours. From our beautiful wedding that included guests dressed as the cast of Gilligan’s Island and the homemade slip-and-slide we made from the Sandals pool rafts when we had to temporarily exit the pool during a storm, to the never-before-seen dance moves during the orchestrated “dance off” we called upon four of our friends to take part in, it was a spectacular and unforgettable experience. A few of my personal Sandals favorites were the fresh bakery, the Jerk Pit, the beef patties and my special order rum punches.

Sebrina was awesome! She was thorough, thoughtful, attentive, helpful, responsive and patient. When there was a delay in setting up our dinner tables and reception, they made sure that the DJ would remain for at least as long as the delay. They and the DJ made sure we had a great time and were also likely enjoying themselves and the spectacle of the event because I think they stuck around for a few more encores than even we expected. But because of the delay, we did have to move the three dinner tables closest to the water. I still chuckle, however, when I think about how my aunt was slowly sinking in her chair with each arriving wave as the tide came in. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many of our friends and family commented or told us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever attended. And in all honesty, we feel the same way and not just because it was our own. It really was an awesome good time!

Having VIP Vacations do most of the organizational work really made it low-stress experience. VIP was great and those little pink beach bags were a big hit too! Even the Sandals staff would ask if we were with the party with the pink bags. They made our group easily identifiable and were widely utilized by our guests.

I would definitely encourage you to recommend Club Mobay at the airport. For $30 they will expedite you through customs and security to a comfortable lounge with all the food and drink you care to take down. The staff there were as friendly and attentive, or maybe even more so than the staff at Sandals. Seriously, this is a good investment.