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Destination Wedding at The Veranda in Turks & Caicos

Destination Wedding Reviews

Destination Wedding at The Veranda in Turks & Caicos

Stacey Knopf Bender - Pennsburg, PA

"The wedding was amazing!"

Hi Jennifer,

The wedding was amazing! The wedding planner did an awesome job, the staff at the resort was wonderful and the management bent over backwards for us. I would definitely recommend the Veranda to everyone. Thank you so much for everything!

The resort was only operating at 30% capacity when we were there in July, so out of the 10 rooms we had booked, 7 of the rooms got upgraded from the Studio rooms to the Suites. Larry and I were upgraded to a two floor suite with a full kitchen and washer and dryer. The Suites were like mini apartments and I highly recommend them to people. My parents got upgraded to a Suite right outside of the kids’ pool and at night they would lounge in the pool by themselves with drinks. The entire time we were there the resort only had 7 kids.

The staff on the property was awesome, except for a few male employees that didn’t acknowledge me when ordering drinks. I came to find out that they do not respect women on the island and that’s why they were always willing to acknowledge Larry or other men at the bar before me. I would say this was just the case with two male bartenders so I had Larry order my drinks for me. But on a whole the staff was phenomenal; they knew each and every person on our trip by name. By the end of the trip Uncle Mike and my godson Austin were legends with the staff. They also knew what Larry and I drank, and would bring buckets of Corona’s down to the beach for us. I can’t rave about the staff enough, my entire party was treated like royalty, I don’t know if that was because they were only at 30% capacity or they really work on customer service. Larry and I became friends with a lot of them and I have written their names down so I can write a review on trip advisor. I do want to point out that service was a little slow which I didn’t mind. I mean you’re in the islands, what’s the hurry? Some people though did not like this fact and talked negatively about it on trip advisor. We did not have a problem with this because we were there to enjoy our surroundings and slowdown from life anyway. I think they are just slower paced on the island and you need to get used to that.

The food was wonderful! Every morning there was a breakfast buffet down in the beachfront restaurant and an omelet station. Lunch was ordered off of the menu, no buffet, and it changed daily. For dinner you could eat from the buffet at the lower restaurant if you didn’t want to make reservations or just eat at your will. This buffet changed nightly too, we didn’t eat much of the buffet because we always made dinner reservations, but the food looked good except for Indian night. The other option for dinner was to make reservations for the sky lounge (where the reception was held) and order off of the menu.

Reservations could be made in the morning and only one day out of our entire trip did the restaurant fill up and we were unable to eat up there. The food in the sky lounge was phenomenal. Some nights I ordered two dishes because I wanted to try everything and I was running out of time. The food was nothing like your typical all inclusive where it’s a buffet and recycled from the previous night. The executive chef was top notch.

The wedding! Shameka our wedding planner was amazing. She bent over backwards to help me out with a few snags along the way. She is the wedding planner at The Grace Bay and is working as planner there and at the Veranda. When I originally booked the wedding there was another wedding planner Donna who I was working with initially. Donna was fired along the way and Shameka picked up where Donna left off. Two days before we were supposed to leave I spoke with Shameka about loose ends and came to find out that certain things Donna had promised me where now no longer included in the wedding package and were add on fees. I had a heart attack and a crying fit!

When I arrived at the resort I sat down and told Shameka that Donna had promised certain things, Shameka understood and told me I wasn’t the only bride Donna had promised these things too. She assured me she would make them happen and bent over backwards to give us the wedding of our dreams. I can’t say enough about her, her staff and her professionalism.

Overall, the trip was amazing!

Our party loved the resort and is dying to return. And the island wasn’t too shabby either!! Those beaches are amazing! We would be going back this summer but our best friends are expecting a baby and our other friends are getting married, so it’s a busy summer. The hotel was top notch, it was clean and modern, the grounds were well kept & the staff was friendly and attentive. I liked that the resort was smaller than some of the other resorts as I felt we were catered too and more attention was paid to us. The hotel was 18 months old when we got married, but the majority of the bugs they had were figured out by the time we stayed there. And the minor ones they are still working on. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a boutique all-inclusive where you are waited on hand and foot. It was a great choice and the wedding of my dreams.

And I also highly recommend Tropical Imaging for photography! Especially Ileana! She did my photos, worked her but off from the time she arrived to the time she left, and took beautiful pictures! Hope all is well with you! Thank you for everything!

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