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El Dorado Royale Review

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El Dorado Royale Review

Lisa and Troy Macy - Raleigh, NC

"Everything was fabulous!"

Hey Jennifer!

We’re back from a wonderful 9 days in Mexico! We had only one scary glitch while we were there, but other than that everything was fabulous! We started out in a SWIM UP on the South side of the resort for the first 5 days and we stayed the last 4 days in a Casita suite! AWESOME! We went on one adventure….snorkeling in a cenote, a cave and where the river meets the ocean. It was freezing, but sooooo great! I’ve never seen a blue catfish before! Hahaha We even learned a little Spanish and hope to become fluent in the near future! Our concierge’s are now life long friends! We just hit it off so well that even when we didn’t need anything we had to go say hello! Ha One day I even sat in their office and worked a sudoku puzzle with them! Hahaha It was really funny! I sent you a link to the pics even tho I know you’re a busy lady and probably won’t have much time to look at them, but I hope you enjoy them if you get a chance! I know there a a couple that you’ll probably get a big kick out of!

Anyway, thanks again, and Feliz Anyo Nuevo!

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