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Family Vacation at Dreams Punta Cana

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Family Vacation at Dreams Punta Cana

Brad & Lisa Peters - Lebanon, PA

"we had an AMAZING time!"

We had an AMAZING time! We loved our trip. The weather was wonderful – the place was beautiful too. I understand they are updating some of their building and our particular building I believe was not yet updated – the air conditioning wasn’t working very well, however there was a large fan that helped out alot. Being everythingelse was so great we were fine because you really don’t spend much time in your room! The food was awesome and the entertainment shows each evening were outstanding! We didn’t miss a single one!

We went on two excursions – the snorkeling cruise where we swam w/nurse sharks and also stingrays – and then the Boogie Adventure where we went riding through the mud! It was so much fun! We all had a blast. Can’t believe we didn’t do the zip line – that’s what we had planned to do – but the roads were so bumpy and the ride to get there was going tobe about 45 min from the hotel and Syd gets car sick – so we passed on that one. We want to do it sometime though!!!

The only thing that I felt could have been improved on your part is that it would have been nice if we would have known about the luggage fees. We ended up paying $25.00/bag ($100) to go and $29.00/bag ($116) when we came home – so it was definitely something we would have liked to been aware of.

Thanks for all you did to help make our trip special!

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