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Vacation at Gran Porto Real and Spa

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Vacation at Gran Porto Real and Spa

Mandie Levan - Harrisburg, PA

"I have nothing but really good things to say"

HI Jennifer,

I am Rachel Diem’s friend who you booked our girls getaway or what we call our 29 and holding birthday celebration! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. It was the most amazing trip I have ever been on, and when I need a travel agent you will be in the one I call from now on and refer. Playa Del Carmen was beautiful and the resort was AWESOME! I honestly had nothing but really good things to say. We loved the beach where we were and am so glad we took your suggestion over our own ideas. We felt really safe at the resort which was a huge concern.
I was soo relieved to see all the places we went had gates in front of them and our hotel didn’t. When I saw that I knew things had to be super safe which made me feel a lot better. The food was even really good at the hotel. We did do zip lining through selvatica, it was the best experience. They really made it soo much fun. I would recommend that to anyone also.

I know you are friends with Rachel on Facebook. We did post pictures you can find me and my pictures at Mandie Levan.

Thank you for helping us have the most amazing time. I really appreciate all you did for us. Everything was just perfect for a much needed vacation! Rachel and I said we would gladly test any resorts you needed
someone to test and provide feedback!

Have a great weekend!

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