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Hard Rock Riviera Maya Group Trip Testimonial

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Hard Rock Riviera Maya Group Trip Testimonial

Reed Murray - Denton, TX

"Thank you for delivering above and beyond our expectations"

First off, the trip was fantastic – end to end. Here are my thoughts on several elements:

  1. Working with VIP – out this gate this was a very positive experience for everyone involved, including myself as the group coordinator.
    From my end in the planning phase, you and your team were very timely, responsive, and informative. Requests and adjustments were handled quickly. The process went well whether communication was over the phone or via email.
    In the booking phase, everyone in the group had clear and timely communication, and I heard only good things about the experience
    In the travel phase, my measure of success is that not one person reached out to me or my wife regarding any issue with their travel or accommodations. Which means that there were either no issues, or any problems were handled promptly and properly by your team. Excellent all around
  2. Lomas transfer service – it was a bit difficult figuring out where they were located outside of the airport, but people were happy to help guide us. Once there, they were very prompt in getting us on the road. They were very friendly and professional, and the van service was quite comfortable. At the resort, a Lomas rep reached out to me on WhatsApp and we coordinated return transport to the airport. A large number of our group (14 people, which included my family) booked an excursion with them to Chichen Itza and a cenote. It was FANTASTIC. Our driver and guide was exceptionally knowledgeable, the van was comfortable, the food was great, and the experience literally matched the photos in the marketing booklet. Lomas was 5 out of 5.
  3. Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya – we visited Unico last year through a VIP planned friend wedding, so the bar was set pretty high. We knew the HRH would not be quite at the level of Unico, but we were still quite pleased with the experience. The real standout was the staff. The staff was exceptionally polite and accommodating, and really sought to meet our every need. We had a room with a personal assistant, and they REALLY were a shining star. On arrival, our personal assistant had already booked reservations for us for each night, and I used them excessively to modify those reservations to include varying members of the party – anywhere from 12 to 22 guests each night. Jim and Paola were our assistants, and they met our every need nearly instantly. Dinners were amazing and enjoyed by all, pool and beach side service was constant. My only complaint was that breakfast and lunch buffets had little variety day to day, and were the same between locations as well. Would have enjoyed more variety and specialties.
  4. HRH Event Planning – the process of planning the event was difficult in the early stages. It took a long time to get connected to the right people, then using our group booking benefit created some confusion. As we approached the event date, these challenges lessened and smoothed out. The event itself was executed BEAUTIFULLY. Our event coordinator (Yolanda) was incredibly attentive once we were onsite, and we had several meetings together. On one of our first nights, my wife and I attended the hotel Michael Jackson show (the wife is a HUGE fan). I jokingly messaged Yolanda asking what it would take to get the Michael Jackson performer to make an appearance at the birthday party. By the next day I had a plan for a surprise appearance and 15 minute performance! This was crazy above and beyond – there were two backup dancers, 4 songs, and 3 costume changes. It was the delight of the party, and literally a memory of a lifetime. Yolanda also helped me coordinate a private moonlight dinner on the beach which Alex described as “like being on a reality TV show”. Yolanda delivered in spades.

Thank you for delivering above and beyond our expectations for this trip – we will definately be using your services again for future bookings!

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