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Honeymoon at Sandals Grande in St. Lucia

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Honeymoon at Sandals Grande in St. Lucia

Chad and Bethany Weaver - Corvallis, OR

"We had a great trip"


We had a great trip – never felt so taken care of. Thanks for all your help and for being so reassuring as I was up and down through the process.

We loved the Grande! La Toc was beautiful too. We ate so much food and went hobie sailing everyday. We tried to do most the things you mentioned. We loved it!

I’m really glad I got to work with you and look forward to talking with you soon. Sorry, again for not emailing right away – we meant to. Here are some photos I’ve been meaning to send you. I can’t believe we’ve been married almost 2 months. We have been so busy since returning from our honeymoon. We sure loved it there. I have a ton more photos. I took my new camera and was able to get some really cool shots. We loved the Grande. Not sure we got the upgrade or not – they were a little thrown off by us showing up at 11AM. They know all the flights that come in so they werent expecting us to show up early. It was fun though cause we signed up for dinner reservations and picked activities for the week before they got full. Only downside was Bethany’s bag got left by american airlines so the first day she didn’t have a change of clothes. But it came that night. We liked that first place we stayed too. We actually hobie sailed over to it later in the week.

Once we got in our room it was the Rodney building #3 ( I think rm 409). It was the second level with the pool as our view. We liked the the building cause it was quiet and far away from everything, but we thought it would be nice to have bayside because the view is amazing! We asked and after two nights they moved us directly across the hall. We loved it!!!! Both rooms were nice, but breakfast overlooking the bay was amazing. I know our rooms were 409 and 410, but can’t remember which one was bayside now.

We took your advice and went to La Toc for 2 meals (komonos & La Toc) Both were nice. We also went to the pier. It was nice to dress up for dinner 3 times and go out. Other then that we enjoyed the food at the Grande. We really liked Toscaninis!!! We also won dinner on Gordons our last night, but we had reservations at Toscaninis, so we cave Gordon’s away – that would have been fun to try.

We hobie sailed everyday – sometimes twice a day. We did the hike up to the Fort and got some awesome sunset photos. We did a tour (not through the restort) John’s tour (Cousins to charlies tour). We actually loved it. 5 couples and we did more then simon says – plus we bartered and got them to throw 30 minutes on a jetski. Most days consisted of sleeping in – staying on the beach all day ( there were always open chairs and umbrellas. They said they were 85% full – didn’t feel that full! It was funny thought the chairs by the pool were always full. We loved sitting on the beach!

Well, this is a brief summary of our adventures. I apologize for not reporting back right away. I meant to – well I really appreciate all that you did for us. Hopefully someday we will be able to go on another vacation through VIP. We will have to save for a bit though 🙂 It was the nicest place we ever stayed. Have a great week! Sorry for the long email!

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